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My Pet, Murderer
Based on the comments during the Thrilling and Threatening Contest Bar on June 24th.
I've done the polishing, but my followers helped create the story. Thanks guys!

Keys jangling, Murderer opened up Sweet's Bar for business. Not his usual gig, that's for sure. He preferred dark, dank and dangerous. Glancing around he supposed there were a few dark corners, and perhaps it was a bit dank back by the john. Dangerous, guess that was where he came in.

He slid the keys into his pocket and moved over to the bar. Sweet had already prepped for the day, he just needed to handle whoever walked through the door. Still in his work clothes, he hadn't given himself enough time to change into a set of shirts. Actually, Dante hadn't given him enough time. Murderer had planned on finishing him off late last night. Unfortunately, that cannibalistic piece of work had forced him to extend his timeline and cut it close with Sweet's favor.

Glancing down at his graffitied tee, he swiftly buttoned up his long sleeve and rolled up the cuffs. A nice scrub in the bar sink would get rid of the blood under his nails and clean up his cuticles all at the same time. Presentable, at the least.

While grooming, he heard the bar bell clink as the front door opened. He turned around to find two women standing at the far end of the bar, reading the Specials board. Sweet had left her regulars a message in curling pink chalk.

"Murderer will be your sexy bartender today, while I am out of town. Be good for the nice man."

Her signature was signed in a slash across the bottom, the tail of the S cutting across to crucify the T.

Turning from the chalkboard, Chris leaned into Lily and remarked, "Hmmm. He doesn't look nice at all, actually."

Lily blanched a pale shade of yellowish pink and murmured in response, "I think I'll pass on ordering anything today."

Her smile was forced as she tugged on Chris's hand and lead them to a booth as far away from the bar, and Murderer, as physically possible.

Rue tightened his grin, he was used to being feared but usually after he had done something to deserve it.

Murderer finished drying his hands on the bar towel and turned to fully face them. Their whispering predictably stopped, but Chris's comment still rung in his ears. He didn't look nice? Well then, he shouldn't act nice either. Wouldn't want to rock their safe little world with contradictions.

Time to add the danger.


The ladies were silently eyeballing him as if he were the entertainment. Sven didn't show up for at least another hour, but he figured he would give them a show. Show them what he was all about and earn himself a nice whiff of fresh female fear pheromones while he was at it.

Menace in his step, a smile sewn to his lips, he slowly unbuttoned his long sleeved over shirt to reveal nightmares underneath.

Silver flashed as the weight of his favorite torture instruments caused the material to sway and part.

Reveled was a testament to last night's hours of boredom holed up beneath a sadistic bastard's porch. An ominous message was still scrawled across his chest in dried blood.

That bastard had been discarding half eaten corpses into the dirt like throwing scraps to a dog. But the timing had not been right, and he was forced to wait. It pays to get creative in situations like that, otherwise you tend to lose the sane side of your mind, bite by bite.

The personalized t-shirt design was his nod to sanity, though he was sure it appeared the direct opposite to these lovely barflies.

Twin gasps echoed across the bar from the far corner booth creating a disturbing harmony with the clink of door bell.

He inhaled the spicy scent of terror and watched as a new toy entered his box. This lovely regular quickly took in the odd situation, taking the time to assess his tools and his shirt.

He could see her lips moving as she read the scratched brown graffiti across his chest. "IF YOU ARE READING THIS IT MEANS YOU ARE A BAD PERSON AND ARE ABOUT TO DIE"

Backing up slowly from the bar door she had just entered, Cecile glanced outside as if double checking the neon bar sign. Her hand remained perched on the jam as she peeked back inside at his aggressive display.

Seemingly deciding not to play, she took a step back and bumped right into Miss Sweet.


Sweet grabbed Cecile's shoulder to steady her and glanced inside the bar Her eyes honed in on Murderer.

"What the?! Murderer, I told you to watch the bar for me NOT scare away all my patrons."

Moving around the frozen Cecile, Sweet walked up to Murderer and smacked him on the back of the head.

"Close your shirt! Just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD."

Rubbing the back of his head with one hand, he re-buttoned his shirt and looked around the room at the trio of wide eyed patrons then back to the smoldering Sweet.

"What? They're ALIVE aren't they?"

One bushy eyebrow rose to clash with a mess of brown hair flopped forward into his eyes, evidence of Sweet's former head smack.

With a shake of her own head, Sweet chastised him further.

"Good thing I came back into town early. At just what point would you have gotten bored with simply terrorizing the guests and started physical assaults?"

She knows about his pheromone addition, but usually doesn't care. Could she possibly be protecting her bar patrons?

Walking up to him, she poked a long purple finger nail into his chest. With her black leather boots on, she was actually almost eye level with him. And those eyes are positively sparkling with fury.

"I expected better of you. What happened to your control?" she demands in a low tone.

Mimicking her stance, he placed a blunt fingertip tight against her heart. "I was exercising control, Miss Sweet." With a heavy mocking emphasis on Miss.


"You trusted me to watch the bar, and here I am. Clean hands and all. See, no blood."

Murderer's comment was meant to draw Miss Sweet's attention to his finger and its precariously close placement to her breast. Her eyes flickered downward.

His breath whispered against her face as he quietly asked "Have I violated that trust?"

She was strongly aware of all eyes in the bar focused on them and the rare chance she had to put him off his game, especially since he was messing with hers. This sudden bout of sexual tension had her torn between a seductive "here kitty, kitty" or pulling this savage tiger's tail.

She decided to reply in a soothing whisper, "Violation? Not yet..." and then grabbed the shirt under her still pointing finger to pull him in for a scorching kiss.

Breaking it off after only a short few teasing seconds, she whirled away and stalked behind the bar. Careful to keep her smirk out of Murderer's line of vision, she allowed herself only a few brief seconds of gloating.

With an icy smile she turned and made eye contact as she taunted him further, "But now, I am done with you, MISTER Murderer. Thank you for your services. The check is in the mail."

10 long seconds he looked stunned, crimson slashed across his mouth and lust shining in his eyes.

The bar patrons held their breath, waiting for his rage to erupt. Instead, he released a deep harsh laugh and pulled a pristine white handkerchief out of his pocket to wipe his mouth.

"It was my pleasure, Miss Sweet. But I do believe I will stay for a while."

It was his turn to gloat at her shocked expression as he slid into a corner booth with a view of the door and the crowd.

Across the bar the crowd was starting to loosen up as the tension dropped down a few notches. Lily caught Miss Sweet's eye and ordered a drink.

"Hmm, now that the bartender is looking sexy and not like he's about to chop someone's head off... Can I have a Margarita? It's 5 o'clock somewhere and it's my day off."

Her good humor, as she settled back into her seat next to Chris, seemed to trigger Miss Sweet’s as well. The bar owner grinned an overly vicious smile as she turned on the blender and crushed fresh ice.

“Coming right up, Lily!”

Despite the exuberant charade, she wasn't concentrating on the frosty tropical drink at all. Her attention was focused on the tiger in the corner, 2 yards back and to her right.


As the liquor began to flow, the tension in the bar dropped even more. The threat of violence was only a twinkle in Miss Sweet's eye.

Cecile finally deemed it safe to reenter the bar and strolled up to the counter and Miss Sweet who was still viciously crushing ice for more margaritas.

"Damn. I know we like our men dangerous but trying to kill me is another thing all together." Cecile leaned against the polished hardwood in a painfully forced attempt at nonchalance. Her body almost vibrated with caution, or was it adrenaline?

Miss Sweet gave her a knowing smile. "His leash is on, Cecile darlink. His muzzle, well, that is another story." She threw Murderer a warning glance. "If he wants to live to spend that paycheck, he will behave."

Another harsh laugh came from the corner booth Murderer was lounging in, boots propped on a stool, knife carving designs in the hardwood table.

He yelled over to the bar, "Hey Mistress," and grinned when Miss Sweet flinched at the nickname. "Wanna crush my ice? I'm in the mood for a margarita too."

Waving a hand in his direction, she grumbled to herself. "Carving my tabletops is barely behaving. I should have left his ass in that sling over at Dante's. Too bad he's such a devilishly good—" Turning on the blender she seemed to smile to herself.

Intrigued by Miss Sweet's mumbling and Murderer's "Mistress" taunt, Cecile slid into the booth across the curve from him. Not too close.

Deciding to do a little taunting herself, she propped her 5 inch purple heels up on the table and pushed her skirt up a bit at the slit. Taking her knife out the holder, the one that fits snug on her inner thigh, she started cleaning her finger nails.

Thirty-seconds into the display she could feel the weight of his attention shift from the scarification of the table top to her. "What, Murderer? Never seen a woman do it too." It was a statement, not a question.

"You know, if you look closely enough, some of your toys are already strapped to my thigh. I own my own." She smiled a decidedly evil grin and watched Murderer's eyes light up with interest.

Miss Sweet intervened. Trailing her purple nails over Cecile's matching pumps, she murmured "You're flashing your satin, Cecile." and leaned in between both sets of feet scuffing the table to place another fruity umbrella drink in front of Cecile and an equally as froo-froo looking margarita at Murderer's elbow.

"Murderer, darlkink. Be kind to the table, you don't want to get splinters in your tight little ass later."

With a flip of his wrist, the tip of his knife deflowered the emasculating margarita garnish. The tiny paper umbrella landed on the table between them all, pink and perky and completely unaware of the tension coiling tightly around the animate objects in the room.

"You know, if it comes to that Mistress, a lot more than your table will be showing signs of a fight." He slid the knife back into his pocket and began spinning his glass.

After a moment he met her gaze with a deceptively sweet smile. "But that's what you're hoping for, now. Isn't it?"

Miss Sweet didn't get the chance to respond to Murderer's saccharine challenge. Cecile fought the urge to stake her own claim on Miss Sweet, and lost that internal struggle.


The bar observed the threesome in the corner, a perfect mimicry of the "live studio audience". At least until thirst got the best of them.

Lily called out from her stool, "Things sure are getting hot in here! Umm, can I just have another Margarita, please?"

Hearing Lily, Miss Sweet glanced over Cecile's shoulder to reply. "Lily, darlkink. I'm afraid you will have to serve yourself but the margaritas are on the house. I'm pretty sure I left some in the blender. Enjoy, the drinks and the show it seems." With a smile she managed to reach around Cecile and snag Murderer's margarita for a refreshing sip.

Cecile turned around to add,"Umm, Yeah. Sorry about that, Lily. You will have to get your own, but please stay."

Cecile turned back around to look at Miss Sweet and Murderer partially captive in front of her. Rubbing her hands together, she let slip out "Oh let's see what fun we can have with you two shall we..."

Trailing one finger nail down the shirt of Murderer, she heard a moan escape his lips. "You don't play fair, Miss Cecile," Murderer said on a raged breath.

"I never said I did, Murderer. You just assumed." Cecile kneed him a little harder, knowing his erection was providing to be to more than his tight jeans could stand.

"Uncuf me and we will see who does not play fair. I have so many toys I would love to try on you," he said with the scariest bad ass voice he could muster.

"Oh my dear. I'm afraid you will have to be creative as you are. I know most of my toys are itching to come out and play with you." Cecile cast a glance over to Sweet, who was sipping on her margarita and looking very innocent. Correction. Murderer's margarita.

She noticed a drop of liquid threatening to drop from Miss Sweet's lips. Without forethought of the danger, Cecile licked up the drop with the tip of her tongue, then traced the outline of Miss Sweet's lip with the alcohol still tangy on her tongue.

Miss Sweet moaned loudly enough to be heard by everyone who was in the bar and when she opened her eyes they had taken on a darker color, lust filled.

Murderer growled deep, he wanted to be in the middle of this. He did not want to be ignored. He rattled his cuff a bit louder. His Mistress Sweet was being enticed by Cecile ON HIS LAP and voyeurism was soo not his thing.

As soon as Cecile raised her head from Miss Sweet's mouth, he snuck his free hand around to bury it deep within the hair at her nape. A small tug brought a squeak from Cecile's lips and stretched her neck into a most delightfully vulnerable arc.

"I do believe you are a novice to this game, Miss Cecile. Why else would you have left us with the use of one of our hands?" He wiggled his fingers in her hair to emphasize his point and felt her pulse increase under his palm.

Seeing a situation prime for the taking, Miss Sweet placed the margarita on the table. With a downright evil smile she tangled her chained fingers with Murderer's. A silent reward and signal of her approval.

"Miss Cecile, I do believe you were flaunting some rather impressive toys under your skirt earlier." Her fingers, cool from the prolonged contact with the margarita glass, trailed up Cecile's inner thigh. Making short work of the leather sheath, Miss Sweet soon had Cecile's flashy black blade in her hand.

"Ah yes, hardened steel. Very sharp, but very brittle. Perhaps like you? Do we need to be gentle with you Miss Cecile? Do you know just who you have gotten yourself involved with?"

Miss Sweet lightly ran the very tip of the blade up to Cecile's neck and leisurely traced that gorgeous creamy arc. "This blade does look stunning against your skin. Don't you agree, Murderer?"

Murderer's answer dripped with honey and malice. "I do believe it is one of the most beautiful things I have seen, though a splash of bright red would surely round out the contrasting color palette" His breathing started to pant as Miss Sweet continued to trace patterns on Cecile's throat. The scratch of her nails mimicked the threat to Cecile's throat on his chained palm.

"Your wish…" Miss Sweet leaned forward towards Cecile's neck.

With careful precision she applied gentle pressure with her lips, kissing blade and skin. She lifted her head to inspect her work.

"Beautiful. Black, white and red."

Murderer's eyes tracked Cecile's chest as it heaved, either in relief or excitement, in the aftermath of Miss Sweet's kiss. With a slight twist of his wrist, he coaxed Cecile to meet his gaze.

"Strikingly beautiful." He murmured, and he placed a quick biting kiss on top of Miss Sweet's lipstick.

Black, white and crimson, the color of Miss Sweet's lipstick. Cecile grabbed Murderer's hand tangled at the back of her head and a moan slid past her lush lips. The building heat was evident on the thighs of Miss Sweet and Murderer.

Cecile leaned into the blade a little harder, pressing it under her chin. She watched as the pulse on Miss Sweet's throat beat a little quicker and could feel Murderer's hard-on get a little harder (if that was possible).

"I see my loves like it a little rough. Shall I take off the cuffs and we can really go play?"

Suddenly, the blade disappeared into Miss Sweet's leather bodice and Cecile's mouth was devoured as BOTH of Murderer's arms wrapped around her and lifted her up off the menage lap. Miss Sweet ran her hands idly over Murderer and Cecile's entwined bodies.

"Did you really think a pair of cuffs could restrain my pet Murderer for long? Really Cecile, darlkink. I think we should move this little tete a tete to the back room."

Miss Sweet circled them, her hands wandering and fondling, and whispered in his ear. "Murderer, bring her." 



Verra nice Sweet. Verra nice.

Happy Halloween dear. :)

This was a fab story!! Great job. :)

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