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Surprisingly wicked paranormal romance to indulge your dark side.

Gone With The Monster
Monsters In Hollywood 3
by Lila Dubois

Kidnapping and bondage are no way to win a girl. Well, actually…

Runako has good reason to distrust humans. His sister’s murder taught him it’s safer to keep his Monster form under wraps. Now comes word that a woman is making a movie that will supposedly “help” his people. He’s not sure about that, but one thing is sure…Margo is too beautiful to be ignored.

Presented with the opportunity to use his people’s Captive Caves—a secluded mountain fortress designed to hold hapless, tasty humans prisoner—Runako knows exactly whom he wants to star in his ultimate fantasy.

Margo knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. At least where her career is concerned. Runako is just the kind of bad boy with whom she’d like to heat up her nights. In a land of skinny blondes, though, a hottie like him would never notice her lush, Latin curves.

No one is more surprised when she finds out his version of “wooing” includes kidnapping. Forced to stand before him in chains, her paper-thin confidence is burning up fast in the heat of his desire. And when it turns out she can identify his sister’s murderers, they both must decide where their loyalties lie…
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by Scott Carpenter
  • Works well to portray a dark feeling
  • But the romance is lost

  • Monsters of all kinds

  • Kidnapping
  • M/F
  • Restraints
  • Forced nudity
  • Monster-iality (switch monster for beast)
  • Candles
  • Claws

  • Kinky, baby... and I liked it.

  • A BBW love story, Score! Some of Margo's descriptions of flaws rang so painfully true, to focus on such small negative things in the presence of such a beautiful personality. No wonder Runako shrugs her off. But a couple of Runako's descriptions, well, I cringed to read them too. Not cutting, but odd... which fits in quite nicely with the monster mentality.

  • A kidnapping of sexual convenience by a familiar face is nothing to insight fear. Well, maybe just a little, but it sure does get the heart racing and ramp up the excitement.

  • Margo's mental dialogue is insightful. She struggles with societies norms and what is good for her. They do not match up.

  • Runako's confusion with her crossed signals causes some fun tension.

  • The love story is slightly off kilter. I'm not convinced that the monster loves the human, right now, as fully as he should. The monster instincts are riding him pretty hard.

  • Backstory about his sister's death adds danger and suspense as well as addressing veiled issues of racism.

  • This series is enjoyable and a nice stretch to the imagination. I got a glimpse of a few different monsters and am hungry to read about more!

I received this book during a contest on Ms. Dubois' site. Thanks again Lila!

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Sweet daydreams...


Ok, you got me curious about this series! It will go on my wishlist

Nice review!

Hello Miss Sweet. Hope you've found something to help you over those traitorous tears. I shouldn't be saying this, but if you were to peep through the porch window tommorrow, you might just see something that nobody else has seen.

You know this one isn't calling my name. :)

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