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Master vampire friends' machinations dim in the darkness of Mommy Dearest's curiosity.

Danse Macabre
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 14
by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita Blake should be concentrating on a dangerous situation: the ardeur, the sexual power that flows between Anita and Jean-Claude, Master Vampire of the City - and Richard, the volatile werewolf who loves her passionately - is reaching new levels, perhaps evolving into something entirely new. It seems to be choosing new lovers for Anita, acting with a will of its own. The unexpected effect of this is that Jean-Claude's own powers as a Master Vampire have grown to new levels - and Richard, always unpredictable, is changing too.

However, as the days pass Anita finds herself less interested in vampire politics than in an altogether more personal concern. She may be pregnant. And if she is, whether the father is a vampire, a werewolf or something else entirely, she knows full well that being a Federal Marshall, known for raising the dead and executing vampires, is no way to bring up a baby.
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  • I like the ballet slippers tied around her wrists, but that doesn't really happen.
  • Why is the author's name bigger than the title?

  • Vampires
  • Lycanthropes
  • Necromancers

  • F/F, kissing
  • M/F/M
  • M/M/M, rape insinuated

  • Richard, Anita & Jean-Claude are all changing as the power grows between them. And as the power grows, it becomes more alive too.

  • Nathaniel is coming into his own and makes a point of putting Ronnie in her place. *highfive*

  • Vampire friends can not be trusted.

  • The aurdeur has distinct personality this time around.

  • Cookie is a fun secondary character!

  • The commentary on the lion pride is another blow to utopian thinking. I like the deep this conversation takes.

  • There is quite a bit of emotional trauma in this story. With Anita's pregnancy scare, a lot of skeletons come out of the closet. Certainly, a story that makes the most sense in series and least likely to stand alone.

  • Wow. This review is short. I'm a little burnt out on the series right now and will be reading a couple books before I come back to it.

I bought this book to round out my collection of this series! Whoot!

This book was spotlighted on my Tuesday Teaser HERE.

Get sucked into best friends bitching at each other and sexy men making it worse with this downloadable excerpt HERE.

I read this for the Anita Blake Challenge.

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