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Winning Angela: Discover the strength of submission as a vanilla plunges fists first into the BDSM lifestyle.

Winning Angela
Incognito 3
by Madison Layle & Anne Leigh Keaton

Dubbed a "submissive dominatrix" by the owner of the Incognito fetish club, Angela Patterson juggles separate love lives with two men who hold keys to her heart.

On one side--her wild side--she has Garrett Storm. A sexy-as-sin hunk of a construction worker who is every submissives' dream man. He's big, strong, rough and domineering. He tells her how he wants it and makes sure she gives it to him just the right way. They watch football together and go to country western concerts.

Then there's Blaine Worthington. He wears Armani and drives a Mercedes. Takes her to the symphony and the best restaurants in the city. He wines her and dines her, and in the bedroom will do anything and everything to please.

For a year, the men accepted status quo, aware of each other, but not knowing the other man's identity. But when each man demands more commitment, her two separate worlds collide and the competition for her heart ignites.
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  • Confusing

  • M/F
  • M/F/M
  • Voyeurism
  • D/s
  • Abuse
  • Bare knuckle fighting

  • What do you mean by Domination?
    “Depending on who you ask, you’ll get different answers. Some mistakenly think of it as a power trip. But it’s not. It’s more about trust—the trust a sub gifts to her Dom through submission, and the honor that accompanies the Dom’s responsibility to the sub. But that’s not all there is ... There are different levels to the D/s lifestyle."
    pg 73

  • Blaine is a vanilla, unaware of his current alternative relationship dynamic. "So what?" if his lover enjoys taking control, he likes giving it to her. That doesn't mean he's a sub, does it?

  • All of Blaine's boundaries get pushed. Being the sub on the bottom of a triad would sound like the life of a rug, realistically he is anything but pliant.

  • Angela is coming to terms with her switch tendencies and finding that two lovers are better than one. She's in heaven, but are they in hell?

  • Dinner for 6 shines some light on alternative lifestyles blending into the "normal" vanilla world.

  • A trip to the fetish club rips the wool from Blaine's eyes and Garrett's as well. Angela comes along shortly thereafter.

  • It all ends in a bloody mess. But, that's not all bad. *wink*

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