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Narcissus in Chains
Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter 10
by Laurell K. Hamilton

Anita is back on her home turf and delving into the heart of human—and non-human—darkness.

Men are men. Jean Claude and Richard are each something else entirely. Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, torn between them, has been avoiding both vampire and werewolf for months. But when a kidnapper targets innocents she has sworn to protect, Anita turns to them for help, which will require harnessing both their powers—and their hungers...

Six months of celibacy have made Anita crave the two men in her life like never before. But merging their powers together will give this mortal woman a taste of immortal hunger that she’ll never be able to forget.
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  • Dual cover, flips open (roll over picture to see inside cover)
  • Chains are a good suggestion of the trouble between the pages

  • Vampires
  • Shifters
  • Necromancer

  • M/F/M, softcore
  • Torture
  • M/M BDSM, pain & submission
  • Naked "puppy" piles
  • M/F
  • Alternative Lifestyles

  • Sweet lovin' glory of vampires! Anita is embracing her double lust!

  • Anita is back on her home turf and rekindling stagnant relationships.

  • Hello Micha! Add another "man" to the posse.

  • Men in hoods, HOT. Entirely my fetish and nothing you have to agree with. I love the smell of leather.

  • Yeouch! Anita gets some serious hurtin' in the very beginning. Poor little necromancer Nimir-Ra.

  • Anita's heart gets hurt quite a bit too. But Nathaniel is there to comfort her, a little bit of role reversal showing that he is growing up. This is when I start to love him. He is one of my favorite characters in this series because of the development of his personality throughout. Each book I crave a little more interaction with Nathaniel.

  • In future books I find myself paying the same avid attention to anything to do with Damian and Jason too. But that is just a little teaser to encourage you to continue to read along with me.

  • Anita's powers are swiftly changing now. The Arduer becomes full blown and not simply insinuated and she realizes that her 6mo/1yr absence might have cause as much harm to her relationships vs the good she earned by honing her previously neglected psychic (not sure that is the exactly correct term) skills.

  • Another fast paced horror adventure.

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This book was also pilfered from my sister's closet. No, I am not giving it back. This borrow is forever!

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Sweet nightmares...


Too many bodies in bed to keep track of. :)

Thanks for the review. I think I'm the only pernon who hasn't read an anita book. Lol, I have a bunch on the shelf, but haven't managed to crack one yet. Hmm, might be time.

I really liked Nathaniel and Micah in the few books I read.

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