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Black Wade Review; XXX Disneyesque Americanized Yaoi

Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love
by Franze & Andaerle

Black Wade shows the entertaining love story between a rough, square-edged pirate and a young fine officer finely detailed and brilliantly colored. dreaded pirate Black Wade has a cruel mind and an explosive sexuality. His mercilessness is legendary, but it wavers when he encounters the young and warm-hearted english officer Jack Wilkins. these two absolutely different men are prisoners to their fate. overwhelmed by their passion they unite in a fight for freedom and love.
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  • Colonial America

  • M/M
  • Non Con
  • Gang Rape

  • Savage content. Male prisoners raped, no blood illustrated.

  • The hardcover edition is beautifully bound, a pleasure to handle with thick semi glossy pages and a picture book feel - adult picture book, of course.

  • Illustrated on all pages including the inside covers with a nice character index at the end.

  • Artwork is full color, high detail... very much an XXX Disney feel.

  • My favorite scene is the water, feels out of place but gorgeous to look at.

  • Shallow story line, simply a means to transport the illustrations.

  • Vague suggestion of a sequel with the father's proclamation.

  • A very quick read - but you will be blushing the whole time and hoping no one looks over your shoulder!

I received this book through the Great Yaoi Swap and shall be sending it on to the next person in the list to enjoy.

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Sweet nightmares...


OH my... I do remember this one... and Oh My... yeah.... ummm... make sure no one is peeking over your shoulder watching... it needs to be the other way around, lol....

I've heard good things about this book.

I was not overly thrilled with the story line, as you said, pretty shallow and standard but you read it for the artwork. I swear I petted my book for a week before I could bring myself to open it. Soooo pretty.

I must add myself to the list for that one!

Every time I see something about this book it makes me want to take my copy out and sigh all over it. :)

I've seen this posted around quite a few blogs. Seems interesting, might have to check it out eventually. I agree that it looks like an XXX Disney Film lol.

An entertainng love story? Like an XXX Disney Film? I've not heard of this book at all but the cover and description sure don't match the comments!!!!


Tam and Kris - I just much have to part with some money so I can drool on my own personal copy.... and suck other unsuspecting friends in!

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