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The Satin Sash
by Red Garnier

Business partners Grey Richards and Heath Solis are best friends, even though they’re as different as night and day. Grey is calm, confident, and always in control. Heath is as passionate as his smoldering looks. No woman can resist them, and it’s always been easy to share. Until now…

Grey is head over heels in love with Antonia Kearny, a woman whose luscious body enflames his senses and whose playful, willing spirit captures his heart. He’ll do anything to see her smile, to hear her breath catch, to make her scream his name. And when he realizes that Toni wants another man—and that it’s Heath—he’ll make the ultimate sacrifice…
On a decadent weekend in Mexico, Toni will experience the hunger, the touch, the taste of two men. But will her desire bring them together, or tear them apart?

Three nights, three lovers, and one choice that may destroy them all.
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  • Grayscale with red accents makes this pop off the shelf
  • Multiple hands on her body is a very subtle suggestion to the menage
  • Clean, readable, attractive typography
  • Where is the sash?

  • Chicago, Ill
  • Los Cabos, Mexico

  • M/M/F

  • Chapter 1: I am not loving the main male character, Grey, at the moment. Especially when he denies Toni the usual affection. This sentence just plain rubs me the wrong way in reference to the situation.
    "Grey always coddled her after they made love. He would hold her so tenderly, coo at her as if she were a baby, tell her how beautiful she was, how hot she made him. But tonight Grey snatched up his clothes almost immediately and disappeared into the bathroom. She deserved no praise tonight." page 28.

  • I am a talk it out kinda girl, and that is not happening at the moment. But I have hope for the future ;)

  • Having some issues reading this on my ereader. I've got the text enlarged and that causes me to have to flip the page about every 6 sentences. Ms. Garnier's writing style can be confusing without the contextual sentences to suggest the tone. She does a very good job of manipulating the language to infer emotion. I find myself feeling like I missed something and am strongly suspicious that the reading would flow a lot better on paper (or a larger ereader).

  • NOTE: I have determined my flow problem is the pdf format. I am losing paragraph breaks and those pauses are very important to Ms. Garnier's style! The next book I pick up from her will be paper.

  • Grey is so bottled up inside about this menage situation, that I find myself holding my breath and waiting for him to explode and ruin the whole thing. I predict he will hurt Toni in some way and she will have to be comforted by Heath therefore causing his protective emotions to grow. NOTE: I was kinda right, in a convoluted vague way.

  • The End — what?! I want to know more. What happens with Toni's parents? The paparazzi? Lucien? Please, more development. Maybe a short story about "After". I just finally got to know these characters and be comfortable inside their heads!

I won this book during a live author chat through the Lorie O'Clare Jaded Sensations Yahoo Group. Thanks again Red and Lorie!

Read an excerpt HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


I love the "where is the sash?!" reaction to the cover!

Egh, a menage. I will avoid this book.

Yeah... Agreeing with Chris. Love the sash! Maybe instead of panties.. that is the sash....
Loves to ya hon!

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