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Titillating Tuesday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar

Sean is our sexy bartender today. Looking oh so edible in black and white.
Spotted at Markusisthedrug

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Rough Stock by Cat Johnson & "Let's Buck" hat
8/31 Drop Dead Line - Email to enter from Romance Junkies

Details to enter at Samhain Cafe

6/23 Drop Dead Line - Enter through registration at The Steam Room

6/23 Drop Dead Line - Follow and Comment to enter at HEA Reviews

7/05 Drop Dead Line - Complete Form to enter at Darkly Reading


Good Luck!

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Chris, I just noticed after I posted this bartender that you hit it right on the head - I love the pouty pusses! LOL

LOL! Before I read your comment, I was going to comment on Mr Pouty McPouterson up there. :)

Hmm, maybe he just needs a good distraction, someone to take his mind off his troubles. :)

I have a feeling you ladies would like to bring him MORE trouble. ;)

As soon as I saw the picture, Chris came to mind.. Poutiness!!!! LMBO!

I have a contest going at http://www.britaaddams.com

I've posted an excerpt of my book, Serenity's Dream and three questions based upon the excerpt. The rules for the contest are simple:

1. Become a follower of my website/blog
2. Read the excerpt and then answer the three questions
3. Email me with the answers

I will be giving away a copy of my erotic Regency Romance, Serenity's Dream to a winner selected from all the emails I receive.

Visit and stay around, there's a lot to see at Brita Addams - the Sapphire Club

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