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Wanna see my etchings... er um, bookshelves?

First my decorative classic romance selection, given to me by my literary loving mother. Currently unread by me, but don't tell her that.

On to the distinguished living room collection.
A shared assortment of tomes from my husband and myself.
No, we are not ancient. We just like old things.

A short pit stop at the lavatory reading collection. 'Nuf said.

And finally, the bedroom.

Are you in awe?
You look a little flushed.

Here, sit on the bed... lean back and enjoy the view.
Yes, that's it.
Get comfortable.

Would you like me to rub your neck?

Much better.
You just relax now.
Let your senses drift.... beautiful.



I love the top of the room bookshelves!

Thanks! Just gotta be careful of spiders when you reach...

Very cool! You need a ladder to reach some of those I guess ;)

I have an award for you at my place:


Janna, I'm 5' 9" and hubby is 6' 2" so if I can't reach it I ask him to "be tall for me" :)

I love the ones in the bedroom as well. And color coordinated yet.

Are the swords around the classics a "don't touch or I'll chop your fingers off" indicator? LOL

Only one of the "Classics" is actually old... the tiny olive colored one on the far right is over 100 years old!

I like my feet being rubbed this is nice... Hey hubby.. be taller for me (at 5'5") and get me a book while I get my feet rubbed, hee heeee...

I love your collection.. And my ocd is practically in overdrive squealing *opting for a "play nice" word* at the color coordinates!!

The organization by color makes me very very happy... but you can see at the end I had to hold out the series. Didn't want to break them up.

Very cool bookshelves and the colour coding is just awesome. :)

Love the shelves, and the color coordination. I've got similar shelves in my kitchen for my teapot collection. Hmm, I may one day add some to my bedroom and computer room.

*drools* oh my. lovin' your bookshelves. You hae bookshelves that line the top of the walls? I'be never heard of such a thing. very cool. And the classics *swoons* love it. Swords... oh, my.

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