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So, a while back this bookslut was going through books like water.
Due to my extreme promiscuity, I can't recall the title of the first book in a promising series.

Willing to help and subject yourself to a possible obsessive brainworm until the answer is found?
Great! Read on below for a couple of key plot points.

  • Witch theme

  • M/F - not erotic

  • Research Librarian

  • Takes a pay cut and has to move into the guest house of the library

  • Discovers a hidden library in the basement of the guest house

  • Accidentally summons a familiar

  • The familiar can take the form of a black cat or a gay man

  • The summoning of the familiar causes the local warden to show up

  • She insists she isn't a witch, non-registered at that

  • He insists she is and stops by every time she accidentally uses magic

  • A professor comes into the library weekly to do research in her area

  • She crushes on the professor

  • Finally gets up the courage to ask him to dinner

  • Makes him a historically accurate meal

  • Catches the kitchen on fire and uses magic to put it out

  • The warden comes

  • And the story ends

I want to read more, cause the warden is hot—in a cold aloof sort of way.
And the gay familiar is hilarious!

Any ideas? Thanks!


OH gosh, I have no idea...

But the gay familiar is hilarious has got me interested now...

Hope you are having a great day honey!

Chris figured it out! She says:

"You're looking for the Jane Madison trilogy by Mindy Klasky. :) The books are, in order, The Girl's Guide To Witchcraft, Sorcery and the Single Girl, and Magic and the Modern Girl. "

Nothing I've ever read. If you figure it out let me know though, it sounds good. :) Good luck!

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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