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This Is What I Want
by Megan Hart
Audio run time: 1hr 39min
Narrator: Zoe Hunter

By day she was Eve Grant, customer service drone in a drab office cubicle. But at night she became Eris Apparent, sex goddess of the blogosphere, where she could express her true self in sizzling erotic fantasies.

As Eve she entertained aching, unfulfilled fancies about her sexy co-worker. But as Eris Apparent she was outspoken and demanding as she carried on a steamy cyberspace affair with the mysterious Tell_me.
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  • Links nicely to the story, especially the jeans and belt—though I think the shirt is supposed to be black.

  • M/F
  • D/s
  • Anonymity

  • This story is amazingly easy for me to relate to with elements of D/s, Blogging, & a love for paper and ink.

  • I know that feeling, that rush I get when I post a piece of me writing on the blog and wait with baited breath for responses and comments. I can easily become this character.

  • Suspense and anticipate play large roles in the build up of sexual tension, a very good technique.

  • I only wish the culminating scene was hotter and longer, and perhaps delivered in a tone of voice different from the blog posts.

  • The above reviewed erotic short is part of the three story collection Spiced Briefs: Megan Hart Volume I. I enjoyed all three stories as Ms. Hart demands the same things from all her men, "Give me what I want." And they do.

  • Layover is the erotic culmination of a years worth of online longing.

  • Reason Enough explores the desires within marriage.

  • All erotic. All hot. All worth listening to, if you can stave off the blushes.

Read an excerpt HERE.

Listen to a sample

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Sweet daydreams...

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very interesting! i may have to get this one.

OH wow..... Very nice... Very hot... and very I WANT THIS NOW!!!!
I am not sure I could listen to a book this hot... hearing those words whispered in my ears... reading makes me blush enough, I can only imagine what hearing them would do, lol!!!
This was a great review hon!

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