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Magnificent Monday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar
Join me in the comments and order a drink from the bartender.
Ryan is our sexy bartender today.
Wouldn't you just love to wake up with that sexy smile next to you?

Photographed by Journey Gong

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Join Me and Jojo in the My Favorite Things Swap
5/8 Drop Dead Line - Sign up at Shooting Stars Mag

After Sunset by Amanda Young
4/27 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Ebook Addict

Comment on "Why you love fantasy or what you see in it/what it means to you" at Wordshaping

TODAY - Comment to enter at Vivi Andrews Blog Party

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Good Luck!

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Ryan brushes against Sweet's hair as he leans over to place a steaming cup of Irish Coffee in front of her...

He takes advantage of the position to whisper in her ear,
"Good morning, Beautiful. Here's a hot cuppa joe just the way you like it...."

Yer spoiled. ;)

*Shivering from his breath on her neck...*
Thank you, Handsome.

*Cupping her hands around the miracle broth she cracks a smile*
I got sucked away from Wicked Gentlemen over the weekend into a graphic design fiction, The Learners... very fun for me to read - lots of typography and creative language.


*Ryan shifts his attention to her table and smiles sweetly*
You can be too. *wink*

I'm reading The Landlord right now. Not sure quite yet how I feel about it.

@ Lily

Thanks for the link. I just checked out the blurb... sounds like it could be good but kinda cliche.

You are spoiled!!! LOL!!!!
But he is delicious, I mean the coffee is delicious!! Yea right... he is delicious!
Hope you had a great weekend honey!
Prom is over... hopefully life as I know.. can resume now ~ that means I can start reading again!!!


Hurray for formal events! A wonderful excuse to look like a princess, and act like one too ;)

As for Ryan, Don't those lips just call out to you?

And she truly did look like one too. Of course I am her mama... so I will always think that *wink*!
But it was her day and we treat it as such!!!

And honey.... not just those lips call out to me... and I can not tell you things they are saying to me.....

I would just like to say yummy.... and I'm not talking about the coffee. :)

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