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Sexy was tending to our lush literary needs at Sweet's Titillating Tuesday Contest Bar

when Mistress Sweet innocently contemplated, "He sure is begging for something..."

Photographed by nDVS

With that one thought, our Sexy Bartender was led on a merry adventure by Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy—with Mistress Sweet's permission, of course. Read on for Part I...

I step into the room wearing my mile high stilettos. Black thigh highs caress my calves with a sleek line up the back, leading your eyes to my garter as it peeks out at the top of my thigh.
Crossing the room, I see Sexy sitting on his knees, neck bent back, tie around his neck. It is a invitation of wicked sorts.

Bending straight down, I grab his tie and tell him in a husky voice, "Get up and follow if you dare to surrender to me." There is no mistaking what I want from my voice, or the things my tone promises.

His head snaps up and he dares to make eye contact with me. Mistress Sweet observes from behind the polished bar.

A furtive glance to the right reveals his silent request and with a small nod of her head, Mistress Sweet gives her consent for his pleasure.

He rises to his feet keeping his head bowed as he responds to Cecile in a quiet voice, slightly husky from disuse, "I surrender myself to your pleasure, Ms. Cecile."

I pass a look of wicked delight to Sweet behind the bar with a nod. "I will take good care of him," I whisper over my shoulder in the most wicked of voices.

Turing back to Sexy I murmur, "I am glad to see that you surrender. The things to come will be sheer delight to you. I promise you that." Fingering the loose satin, I add thoughtfully "We will make a better use of this tie though."

I pull him slowly by the tie, making sure his eyes are on all of me as I lead the way. I open the door to a room of rich, dark overtones. Candles are lit highlighting the room with pillows everywhere, blankets here and there.

I lead him to the middle of the room by his tie, his back to the door. I take the tie off—toss it on the bed "for later", and turn to him so he has a full frontal view.
I walk him backwards till he hits the wall.

"You sure you can submit, to me?" my voice drops down to a seductive purr as I trace my fingers up and down his chest, watching goosebumps form on his skin.

He looks down to my toes and slowly, lazily makes his way to my belly... then to my breast... then to my face. He gives me this grin of promises to delight me with. Hoarsely he says, "Yes ma'am, I can submit to you. I said I would surrender to you and I meant it." My eyes greedily take all of him in.

Up against the wall like that, he is a delightful vision of naughty thoughts.
I place one hand on the side of his face and slowly lean into him. Sliding my body up his, as he is a little taller than me, I whisper in his ear. "There is no going back. You understand this?" He nods in agreement with me. I can feel his arousal through his slacks.

"You will have your time to play... but right now you are mine to play with." I walk away. He starts to follow. "Stay," I say without looking over my shoulder. It was an order. "I did not tell you to move," I add seductively.

I turn around to face him."You will do as you're told or you will be punished for it. Do you understand?" he nods again.

"I will reward you when you are good. To show my word..." I start to remove my blouse from my skirt, undoing one button at a time. His eyes widen as he see part of my black lace bra flirting with him. I leave the shirt on, just unbuttoned. "That is for starters, you have to earn more of me."

I walked over to him very slowly in my heels and short skirt. With the heels we are eye level, which means when they come off we will match up perfectly.

I place one hand on his chest and feel the muscles tighten in response to my touch. With his hands tied behind him, he is defenseless—not that he would have done anything without being told to do so. He is such a handsome, well trained sub.

I took the liberty of cupping his face with one hand and allowing my other hand to roam lower. With his face in my hand I slowly place my lips on his and our eyes close at the same time.

My other hand wanders below his belt and cups his growing erection. He lets out a moan in my mouth as we taste each other. Moving my hand to roam over his rear, I clutch tighter and pull him closer to me.

Taking my lips away from his, I look him in his eyes. You can see the lust behind those swirling chocolate depths. "Go to the bed and sit."


very steamy.
Well done Cecile.

That Cecile - she's a wicked one, that she is!

Awww, thank you Chris! Well I do try!!! =)

Thanks for coming Elaing!!

And thanks for putting up my story Sweet!!!

No problem darlink! *a smooth russian accent rolls off her tongue* Everyone hold your breaths for Part II *wink*

Woohoo... It has only begun to get hot in here....

And that accent.. gives me tingles up and down my spine.....

Yummy! Great job, Cecile.

Ack.... you can't just leave it there! ; ) Off to read the second part now.

Woooooo girl off to read the second part! :)

Thanks for coming over to read the story you guys!!! You guys know how to make a hussy feel loved!!!


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