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As an avid paranormal romance reader, I proudly admit to fantasies of myself as a sultry sex goddess pampered with expensive exotic accessories.

24k gold nipple chains and platinum clit leashes give my smokey eyes a naughty twinkle. Thank you to the Desire, Oklahoma Series for opening my mind to such sparkly naughty things, especially the nipple leash necklace.

Indulge with me in my fantasy and the erotic possibilities of jewelry for the sexy man to pair with my goddess. The men of the Black Dagger Brotherhood got me thinking hot and heavy thoughts about what his inner hot and smoking sex god mentality would adorn himself with.

Just imagine him...

Stalking around his office, turning up the heat while trying to get you to submit.

Allowing your gaze to slide from his smoldering eyes, you trace the hard line of his jaw and wonder at he texture of his five o'clock shadow. Restraining your hands yet indulging your eyes, you admire his exposed skin.

His assault has all the markings of premeditation as you realize he has shaved every last hair from his abdomen—an silent invitation to flesh against flesh. Your flesh tingles in response.

Smooth skin ripples as he completes the removal of his shirt with leisurely movements that are still somehow predatory. Hunting.

Stalking you round and round the desk.

Taunting. The top button of his jeans is popped in cocky anticipation of your eventual supplication at his feet.

Frozen, he slowly stalks towards you and the lowrise cut of his jeans slips minute inches down his hips. The ultimate temptation is revealed; a smooth chiseled V of muscle and a glint of silver to match the sparkle in his eyes.


Who can resist a man wearing ESCULPTA? Just the thought of that hard metal warmed by the heat of his body, begging for you to reach out and caress... squeeze... touch... lick... feel.

You're his. And he's adorned himself just for you.

Want to win le cock ring II for your man (or yourself) to wear?

Participate in the blog contest like me. Creativity is encouraged and the guidelines are simple. And it is a great excuse to let out a little of that inner Smutty Hussy!

The not-s0-specifics:
  • Winners are picked on the 15th of every month.
  • Bloggers may post about the entire range of Esculpta or a favored product.
  • Photos are available with specifications.
  • Find out more...


*fans self*
Does it comes with that hottie attached? ;)

'come' not 'comes' *sigh*

Over and over again?

LOL, you dirty girl :)

I have an award for you here!

Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go back to staring at that pic...

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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