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Below is a shining example of why I prefer NOT to read reviews before I crack those virgin pages on a new novel.

I presumed I was safe due to my history of pleasure reading with Ms. Glenn's Tri-Omega Series. While visiting the Moonlight to Twilight Blog, I even went so far as to play polite devil's advocate. But after reading various commenter's ascentations with Elizabeth's observations, I decided it had simply been too long since I had imbidded that particular literary drink... So off I went to acquire the latest and greatest, Unspoken Desires by Stormy Glenn.

Unspoken Desires
Tri-Omega Mates 5
by Stormy Glenn

Daniel James, required by his alpha to attend a wolf council meeting at Vourdala Island, never expects to run into his mate, Brom McGregor. Several years ago Brom kicked him out of their pack saying he would never mate him, that he didn’t love Daniel. Running into Brom is almost more than he can handle when he knows he still loves the man.

Brom McGregor is shocked to see Daniel, the man he’s always loved and never forgotten. He’s even more shocked when his jealousy makes him to claim Daniel as his mate, especially since Brom is already married with two small children. To add to Brom’s problems, there’s a third mate, Jaryn, that Daniel doesn’t even know about, one that Brom has spent their years apart protecting.

Faced with a hunt to the death ordered by his father because he mated Daniel, Brom is forced to flee with his two small children and Jaryn. The only place he can think to go is to Daniel. Can he convince Daniel that he sent him away all those years ago to save his life even knowing that he’s putting Daniel in danger again? Will Daniel forgive him in time to save Jaryn’s life?
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  • Lighting is not consistent, especially in contrast to the foggy background
  • The three models do not relate to each other in any way, not even touching
  • Is that a mullet?!

  • Werewolves
  • Extrasensory perception

  • M/M
  • M/M/M

  • I've enjoyed this series in the past but I could not stop my self from looking for flaws vs. simply enjoying a new read. Damn my eyes! I know better than to read reviews before I have actually read the book in question!

  • Ms. Glenn is consistent with her character development, almost too much so. Her formula showing through.

  • Rushed, the story glosses over important plot points in a hurry towards culmination. Lingering on the drama of each situation suites my tastes better. I'm always left wanting more.

  • The dialogue can tend to be repetitive. A character has a mental epiphany, and a supporting character practically parrots those thoughts... without the use of the mating marks.

  • This series is still a feel good read for me, and will remain in my library but the frequency of the pleasure re-reading will be dramatically less than my favored novels.

Read a SFW excerpt HERE.

Read a NSFW excerpt HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


Nice review. I do enjoy reading Ms Glenn's books. She's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me.

Oh dear SVZ, it's a disappointment when we read our favorite authors and the flaws seem to glow off the page.
I found S.G.'s books to FULL of potential, but for me they haven't totally delivered on that potential. It does leave me wanting more...my thinking is perhaps with a few more chapters the flaws and voids would be filled in and the book more enjoyable for me personally.
Well done review!



I know what you mean about reading reviews when you haven't read the book first... :) I really, really, really try to avoid doing so. And I try to avoid spoilers, unless something pains me too much about the book.

Are there lots of stalkers in the Tri-Omega series? I've noticed an excess of them in some other SG works...

OH wow, sorry this did not work for you Sweet. Maybe the next one... right??

No no no, you must keep on the blinders to all things editorial and continuity-wise. THEN you can enjoy it. :-)

This one made me a bit crazy, I yelled out loud at one point it was so wrong and yet I stayed up too late reading it. Go figure. It's never been bad enough for me to stop. Sigh. I read and reviews 4 and 5 one after the other. Probably another mistake.

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