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Grab a drink from the bar and join me in the comments... What are you reading today?

Alex is our sexy bartender today.
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Does he want us to be quiet, or does he have a secret?

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Cecile's Blog Party with Easter Candy!
3/31 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at All I Want and More

**Enter Daily** thru 3/31 at All Romance Ebooks

**TODAY** Comment and party with Viv Arend

**TODAY** Comment and party with Tracey Wolff

**TODAY** Comment and party with Ann Aguirre

Celebrate and Comment to enter at Rick R. Reed Reality

4/5 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Stumbling Over Chaos

4/1 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Smexy Books


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*Takes a nice long sip from her irish coffee*

I'm being sucked right into How I Met My Countess by Elizabeth Boyle. It's a historical with SPIES!

Okay, blogger seems to working now....

He is very.. delciously wicked looking.. I think it is a secret.. which reminds me... I have a scene to finish up......

Maybe that is his secret...*evil wink*

Is he even legal?! ;)

Thanks for the mention!

Well, I hope it's a secret because I'm not known for being quiet. Ahem. :-)

I'm about to start Katie Allen's Hide Out But my bus reading is a yaoi novel The Guilty Verdict Vol. 1 which isn't bad, pretty typical.

Oh Chris, you and your legal. Look at those lines on his forehead. Of course he's legal. Trust me, I know these things. ;-)

*gasp* You read yaoi on the bus?! What if someone looks over your shoulder.... and sees a series of lines with speech bubbles over them... and figures out it is a close up shot... and imagines in the missing lines to make it explicit?!

((Don't mind me, I just finished a deadline - kinda flying ;))

Yay for meeting deadlines. I don't care if they see it. If you are nosy enough to look over my shoulder you'll get an eyefull. I wouldn't read if I was next to a kid but another adult, keep your eyes on your own book if you don't like mine. The novel though is just a novel, if they are reading close enough to see the details, they must be really interested.

Tam, U Rock. Yaoi proud! :D I actually haven't read a novel yaoi... guess I could add my name to list. Duh! LOL

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