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Heaven Sent #3

by Jet Mykles

Heaven Sent gets a hell of new keyboardist with a name to match. Heller Witting is an amazing musician and proves to be the answer to a sound that the band was missing. With lavender hair and big violet eyes, he captivates Brent Rose from the start, and not just with his music.

Brent knows better than to get involved with a member of the band. That just invites trouble and that’s the last thing he wants for Heaven Sent. So he’ll just keep the attraction to himself. Doesn’t matter anyway. Hell couldn’t possibly want him. After all, Brent’s not gorgeous and flashy like the other members of the band.

When Hell makes his interest in Brent all too obvious, Brent is unprepared and unable to stay away.

Fine, if they just keep it at sex, everything will be all right.
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by P. L. Nunn
  • Tight (see comments on Heaven)

  • M/M

  • Hell enchants me. Maybe it is because he wears fashion I envy or has a self confidence and talent that shines.

  • The feminine accents to Hell's personality are evened out by his german cursing/endearments, sexual preference as a top, and tendency to drag Brent around by his shirt.

  • He morphs in Brent's mind from cherub to imp. It is a very apt description as Hell smoothly waits out Brent's affections, placating him by agreeing to no strings attached sex but silently confident that Brent will fall.

  • But Hell isn't perfect and jumps to conclusions based on Brent's insecurities.

  • Illusions around Luc explode and we discover that secrets never work.

  • There are some lose ends before the epilogue but with the way the couples' story lines weave in and out of each spotlighted couples' book... I have a feeling it will get tied up further into the series.

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Read a excerpt HERE.

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Sweet daydreams...


This wasn't my favorite book in the series - I didn't like Hell as much as I liked other protagonists.

Hey, congrats!

I kinda lust after his hair... *smile*

Inneresting...that hair is indeed manly. lol.

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