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Heaven Sent #4

by Jet Mykles

Darien’s best friends are the other guys in the rock band Heaven Sent. The three—now four—of them are closer than brothers to him and he’s happy that they’ve all found their life mates. He is. He doesn’t at all mind that each of those life mates are men. He doesn’t.

In fact, that’s just it. Maybe there’s something to this gay stuff. He’s never been particularly interested before, but after a short, failed marriage, he’s willing to open himself up to new possibilities. Especially if one of those possibilities is the gorgeous lawyer who handled his divorce, Christopher Faith.

Trouble is, Chris doesn’t seem to want to believe that Darien’s serious. Well, sure, Darien’s never slept with a guy before, but he’s allowed to change his mind. Isn’t he?
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by P.L. Nunn
  • Darien's face creeps me a little (the blond).
  • He looks way to feminine while described as having nicely muscled arms and chest.
  • The detail in the hands is amazing!

  • M/M

  • Darien's stream of consciousness is a very cool effect.
  • He is always exclaiming to himself in his head!
  • The open-mindedness shown by Darien is admirable.

Read a sentence from page 56 HERE.

Read an excerpt HERE

Sly Spectral Trick
Heaven Sent #4.5

by Jet Mykles

Darien’s pretty sure his lover is pulling his leg when he starts warding the house for ghosts. But his grandmother even calls to make sure he’s doing it.

Get Tricked out with an erotic interlude with the characters of Faith.
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By April Martinez
  • Generic cover to promote Halloween sales at Loose Id.

  • Ghosts
  • Druids

  • M/M

  • Showcases Chris' wicked side...
  • Once again Darien's stream of consciousness is constant, keeping wonderfully in character!
  • Charming

Read an excerpt HERE

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I like well-done stream-of-consciousness books, like Go Fish!

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