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'Cause I am in a sarcastic snarky mood, enjoy the extreme juxtaposition of pop music with this review
Britney Spears vamping up

Circus of the Damned
An Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Novel

by Laurell K. Hamilton

When a powerful, centuries-old vampire hits town, a battle of the undead ensues, with the soul of the city—and Anita's life—at stake.

"So I was afraid; so what? I had to go, and the sooner I left, the sooner I could come home. If only I believed that Jean-Claude would make things that simple. Nothing was ever simple where he was concerned. If I learned anything about the murders tonight, I'd pay for it, but not in money. Jean-Claude seemed to have plenty of that. No, his coin was more painful, more intimate, more bloody."
My review guidelines can be found HERE.

  • According to the font size hierarchy, the author is more important than the story - yuck
  • Red or black & white preferred for the monochrome
  • Snakes do relate!

  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Lamia
  • Zombies
  • Animators

  • F/F Kissing
  • M/F Kissing

  • An action packed Halloween adventure!

  • Bert hires on more help at Animators, Inc. and Anita gets tied up in the strings attached.

  • As she continues to strive for freedom from Jean-Claude; new meaner, older & stronger vampires try to seduce her to the dark-er side!

  • Snakes abound.

  • Werewolves emerge.

  • And Anita meets the man of her dreams... well, not the Jean-Claude induced dreams. The other dreams. You know, when you are a little girl and picture the perfect prince. Those kinda of dreams. You with me now?

  • The gore this time around includes ripping creatures apart bare "handed". The descriptions are so vivid, I only dreamt about squishing someone's eyeball this time. (It looked suspiciously like a hard boiled egg.)

  • Edward is back for some fun and he is quickly becoming a favorite character of mine. But I guess since this is my third time reading this series I kinda like them all.

  • I think at the end of this book Jean-Claude might just be a little bit scared of Anita.

I received this book through raiding my sister's closet.

Read the first two chapters on Laurell K. Hamilton's Website site HERE.

Sweet daydreams...


Rex Robot Reviews Circus of the Damned too - and he likes it!

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