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"Break away from everybody. Break away from everything.
If you can't stand the way this place is, take yourself to higher places."

Break by Three Days Grace

by Marissa Farrar

When Serenity reaches the end of her tether no one can save her. The men in her life to date have all been takers, users, people who suck the life out her and then somehow make her feel as if it’s her fault. This was Serenity’s life until she crosses paths with the mysterious Sebastian.

From the moment they meet Serenity’s life changes, but Sebastian has a dark secret and a past that threatens Serenity’s future. Finally Serenity is alone, but does she now have the strength to conquer her fears and save herself.
My review guidelines can be found HERE.

  • Title glow should appear from the angle of the moon
  • Location is significant!
  • Simple & Striking

  • Vampires <-- I am assuming this is NOT a spoiler as the publisher is Vamplit Publishing & the reseller is Ebook Undead.com

  • Attempted Rape
  • M/F
  • Cybersex

  • This is where skimming the book blurb bites me in the ass. Usually, when I win a ebook, I don't want to know all the details. It is an adventure to go in blind with only a vague understanding of the plot line.

  • Well I THOUGHT this was about vampires. F*** Me!

  • It is hard core domestic violence. Not bloody, so much as the true emotional trauma.

  • I was not ready for the intensity and now I have to finish the book just so the character is not stuck in the abusive realtionship in my head!

  • The beginning of this story unnerved me. Domestic violence SHOULD unnerve you, but this introduction and the helplessness (the inability to help oneself) seemed to resonate in my head. I literally HAD to continue reading just so I would get past it. Thank God, she got past it.

  • Sebastian doesn't like what he is, but he has come to terms with it. This leads to an interesting struggle in philosophy mimicking the gulf between human and vampire existence.
"He was not a good person. He didn't want Serenity to look at him like he was a good person, but at the same time he couldn't stand the thought of her looking at him for what he really was." ~pg 128
  • For a moment it morphed into a classic vamp storyline: I have never even tasted your lips and yet I love you, will give my life for you, must have you.

  • Ultimately it reverted to the original gritty contemporary form.

  • This feels like real life. No neat packages tied up with strings. Just the truth, as much as you can bare it.

I won this book at Nicole Hadaway's Vampire Blogspot during her FreE-book Friday!

Alone was spotlighted on my Tuesday Teaser One, Two, Three times!

Wanna get sucked in? Read Chapter One HERE.

Sweet nightmares...


Sounds like a grim read ;) I like your review style, it makes it easy to get an impression of your thoughts! Thanks!

Gritty not grim....none of this sweet Twilight stuff. My favourite character though is the female vampire who has a wicked attitude and designer handbags - what a combination. Can´t wait to read the sequel.

Hey, just wanted to say a huge thanks for the review and for all the features on Teaser Tuesday! Marissa

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