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Her Hungers
by Mary Winter

Lilah knew werewolves. Growing up as a human in the Northwoods Pack territory, Lilah also knew Roarke Connelly. But a human would never be good enough to love a werewolf, and broken-hearted, Lilah left the Northwoods vowing never to come back.

And she kept her promise, until a vampire turned her and she needed, one more time, to see her home. A brutal attack there left her wounded and infected with lycanthropy. She became a werepyre, both vampire and werewolf and hated by both species.

Under the protection of Adrian Fitzreal, brother to the vampire who turned her, Lilah knows he’ll never be the Alpha, her wolf, and she, craves. But she accepts, because with Adrian’s help, she’s staying alive, which is all a werepyre can ask for.

Until Roarke shows up. He’s got trouble at home. A rogue group of werewolves known as the Dark Moon Dogs wants to take over his pack. But when he finds out Lilah was attacked in his territory, he goes to find out why.

And discovers that she’s no longer the teenage girl who hero-worshipped him. She’s a grown woman, with a woman’s needs and two beasts raging inside her. And right now, they hunger for her Alpha, and for her vampire.

• Symmetrical composition and the positioning of the female model over the feminine possesive title are both a plus.
• No one looks happy, which is true to the story.
• The wolf is a bit overstated considering vampires play a very large role as well.
• And the super hunky guys in conflicting lighting, just not working for me. (I know, I know. How strange is it that I am flinching away from super hunky guys?!)

PARANORMALITY: Werewolves, Werepyres, Vampires

SEXUALITY: M/F/M, Shifted Sex

REVIEW: This book could easily be considered straight up erotica.

Lilah, Roarke & Aiden are always getting caught with their pants down. Maybe because they are always having sex. I even found myself skimming one of the sex scenes. (gasp) Skimming but not skipping, because there were still plot clues throughout the lust.

In the beginning I was very unsure of Aiden. Character development is not slow, only slowly reveled. It was refreshing to learn instead of have it all just laid out for you.

The twists and turns in the story ramp up the drama. Action and sex are pretty much non-stop. I had difficulty finding good places to stop, as there was always something hanging over head.

Interesting dynamics. The fight for dominance IS constant and surprisingly, I did not tire of it.
It has been left wide open for a series but is currently listed as a stand alone on Mary's website. Click on the cover to read an excerpt.

I ordered this book via All Romance ebooks when it was featured as a free read.

My review guidelines can be found HERE.
PLEASE NOTE: I'm a graphic artist. We are trained to be vicious bloodsucking weapons of truth, hence the "rough" critiques/reviews. It's not that I don't like this novel. Simply, everything can be better. And examining what could be polished allows me to learn and better MY skills.

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