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Seducing Serena : Shifting Passons Book 1
by Gabriella Bradley & Bonnie Rose Leigh

Serena Patterson has been on the run for seven years. Now, broke, tired, feeling defeated, she feels drawn to the home she'd left so many years ago and the three brothers she loves so much.

Giving in to her instincts, Serena returns, but only for one last glimpse of the Turner boys, Brady, Asher and Damon. She knows that if she actually makes her presence known, she'll be putting their lives into as much danger as her own has been all those years. Serena makes a decision. She is the one they're after. With her out of the way, danger will be averted from her brothers.

The Turner men are overjoyed that Serena has finally returned home to them, only to watch in consternation as she drives away again. They will not let her get away from them this time, for she doesn't know her first transformation is about to happen, and it can only happen if she mates with them.

Horrendous. Four images photoshopped together on a black background without similar coloring, lighting or scale. Typographic choices are highly questionable and not redeemed by haloing effects.

Werewolves & Weretigers


This story had so much potential and even sets up as a series. Unfortunately it was lacking something very important and I can't seem to put my finger on what.

I was never fully engaged. It read almost like a highly detailed outline. Brady should feel this way and express this. Asher should react this way and do this. Serena will feel this way and say this. Damon will subdue her with these words. Every emotion and reaction was predictable.

I stopped reading at one point, not willing to put in the time. I picked it back up a couple hours later because the premise had so much promise (shifter m/f/m/m) and at 107 total pages it was not a major time commitment. After page 15 I was skimming to only pause briefly at the sex scenes. In the end I was ultimately disappointed.

I am reviewing this novel because I feel it could be a great read and the start of an engaging series, but lacks the final bit of spit polish. A longer rewrite with a different editor might be just what it needs to break this diamond out of the rough.

I ordered this book via All Romance ebooks when it was featured as a free read.

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