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I was introduced to the wonder of midnight movie premiers last year with the release of Twilight. The books have a loyal following and I was amazed at the energy of the crowd and the honest open responses to the action on screen. I am now addicted to that rush! So, of course, last night I attended the midnight premier of New Moon, with a bonus showing of Twilight directly before! So I give you, a summary of my observations:

Twilight the movie

Love the soundtrack

Low budget, almost B movie, leaning heavily on a strong fan base for the book

Choppy screen play, Rough dialogue, Lots of holes that I'm not sure the viewer would be able to fill if they didn't read the book.

As a Fangirl, it made me strangely happy. I knew the story and loved the characters before they ever hit the screen and I think I might have been a little miffed if the movie was soooo good that hanger-on-ers occurred that had not vested the reading time I had. *eye roll*

Special effects that made me cringe:
• Running
• Sparkling
• Running
• White Faces & red lips (Carlisle is by far the worst)
• Running

Dialogue that did not ring true, all via Edward:
• "Hold on tight spider monkey" (My husbands favorite quote)
• "What would it be like drinking your blood, for instance?"
• "Hello" Edward's first word, crinnnnnnnge!

Scenes equal to rough cut lumber:
• Meadow with Bella & Edward (obviously fake flowers)
• Baseball Cullens in fighting stances (what is with the hissing?!) BEWARE more hissing and straining in the ballet fight scene

Scenes of awesomeness:
• Baseball scene: Soundtrack & Action=Awesome
• Ballet fight scene: Ouch
• Rescue with the Volvo: Hotness! (Note: Volvo is actively advertising for New Moon, smart - oh so smart.)

New Moon the movie

Special effects improved
• Cullens are a more natural pale BUT the Voluturi still look like they sneezed in flour.
• Sparkling is the same but a precedent was set in the first movie.
• Werewolves are so so in face shots but freakin' awesome in action.
• Eye color contacts much brighter - color over all more saturated

Screen play is much smoother & I didn't notice any glaringly out of place dialogue

Scenes of awesomeness
• Werewolves fighting
• Edward vs the Voluturi
• Bare toned chests, oh yes yes yes...

Both movies stay amazingly true to the books' story line. Someone understands that the movies survive because of the books' loyal followers, not in spite of them. This series will easily become a cult classic.


I can't wait to see this!! i'm a follower now!

Loved the movie - Taylor Lautner did a great job. I think I liked this one better than Twilight (gasp!). I went to the midnight show so I'll probably go again this weekend with my 8-year-old...

Thanks for breaking it down for us. Can't wait for Eclipse!

Yeah - I'm sure I will see it multiple times!! I have to torture my hubby just a little with it... ;)

Nice review. I really loved this one too, and they did a great job with the bigger budget. :)

If you love Twilight, please check this out. It should be ending today so hurry!!



I hadn't noticed this until you pointed it out, but you're right -- the dialogue flowed much better in the second movie than the first. Love your 'sneezed in flour' comment! LOL!

lol.. I just had to laugh at some of the things you said. I think because I have watched both movies and know exactly what you are talking about.

Sneezed in flour. BAHAHAHA!!

And I happened to love the hissing AND the running in both movies. It makes me want to date a vampire all the more.. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your link for me to check out! Glad I did.

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