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Contest Bar - Dirty Martinis on the house! ---->
In celebration of opening night - Served by New Moon star, Robert Pattinson

The Contest Bar is restocked almost daily. Today's additions are:

Drop Dead Line - N/A, Posted - 11/18 (11 entrants as of 11/19)
WIN Knight of Pleasure

Shayla Black: Fall CONTEST!
Drop Dead Line - 11/30 5pm Central
• Shayla Black/SJ Day Tote
Tempt Me With Darkness
Seduce Me In Shadow pdf preview
Possess Me At Midnight pdf preview
• a yummy surprise!

Drop Dead Line - 11/25 (15 entrants as of 11/19)
WIN Lucky in Love and One Lucky Cowboy

Drop Dead Line - 11/23
WIN Samhain ebook of your choice!

Drop Dead Line - 11/30
WIN New release of your choice:
All Bottled Up by Christine d'Abo
Asmodeus by Dawn McClure
Biting Nixie by Mary Hughes *I want!*
Circle of Three: Only Tyler by Jess Dee
Collision Course by KA Mitchell
Encounters by Ann Somerville
Fall Into Me by Linda Winfree *<-- Is that last name a premonition?*
Hedda's Sword by Renee Wildes
Ilfayne's Bane by Julia Knight
Immersed by Liz Craven
Second Chances by Denise Belinda McDonald
Shadow Boxing by Karen Wiesner *Now I have Fiona Apple singing in my head*
Take Me Again by Mackenzie McKade
The Devil and Via by Marie Treanor
The Heat Chronicles Volume 2 by Leigh Wyndfield
Venus in Blue Jeans by Meg Benjamin
Yorkshire by Lynne Connolly

Drop Dead Line - 11/21? (8 entrants as of 11/19)
WIN Naughty Bits

Mrs. Magoo Reads: Win Encyclopedia of Immaturity Vol. 2!
Drop Dead Line - 11/30 (15 entrants as of 11/19)
WIN Encyclopedia of Immaturity & Encyclopedia of Immaturity Vol. 2


OH damn... I know I left you a comment about this yesterday... Where did it go... Ohwell...
Honey... anytime you want to have a bar like this... You just let me know and I will be here with a glass in my hand!!!

Thanks for the heads up on everything!! Have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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