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Desire, Oklahoma Series
by Leah Brooke

Blade's Desire: Desire, Oklahoma Series #2

The author shows an intimate knowledge into the life of bondage and submission. I learned alot reading this story and was impressed by the emphasis on safety within the fetish. This story also touches on the very sensitive issue of domestic abuse. The abuse is addressed but not described in too graphic detail - the pain and trauma is still extremely evident.

This series repeats over and over that a woman can love her man and his dominance and still be strong. Violent acts occur but are short lived and quickly resolved.

About the hot little town of Desire, Oklahoma (Excerpt from Rules of Desire)

"To say that Desire, Oklahoma was an unusual town would be putting it mildly ... The men in Desire protected and coddled all of the woman, absolutely adored them and did everything in their power to keep them safe and happy. They also thought nothing of turning their woman over their knees and spanking her if she did anything to risk her health or safety ... Dom/sub and menage relationships were the norm here"

The sex is the hottest I have read - like blush while your reading even though no one is in the room, can't keep the stupid grin off your face type hot. I think it is so effective because it is written real... I can actually imagine it happening just that way. Awesome job!!!

I've read as many books in the series as I can get my hands on and enjoy the twists and turns with polyamorous relationships and varying degrees of dominance and submission. And the intimate lifestyle jewelry - that just blew my mind.

Desire for Three (m/f/m)
Blade's Desire (m/f)
Creation of Desire (m/f/m)
Rules of Desire (f/m/m/m)


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