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Masters of Time Series
by Brenda Joyce

The Brotherhood is a secret society of Highland warriors sworn to protect Innocence throughout the ages.

Reading Order:
Dark Seduction - Claire & Malcom: Masters of Time
Dark Rival - Allie & Royce: Masters of Time
Dark Embrace - Brie & Aidan: Masters of Time & Rose Trilogy
...As far as I have currently read...
Dark Victory - Tabby & Guy: Masters of Time & Rose Trilogy
Dark Lover - Sam & Ian: Master of Time & Rose Trilogy

The initial books in this series were recommended and lent to me by a friend: Dark Seduction, Dark Rival & Dark Embrace.

Unfortunately I did not correctly ascertain the accurate reading order and read Dark Rival before Dark Seduction. The stories can stand alone but DS was severely diminished due to all the spoilers in DR.

While reading the 3rd book in the series, Dark Embrace, I wondered if I had missed a book in between, but if you follow the reading order the spoilers for Dark Victory must be intentional.

There is an interlocking Rose Trilogy that is part of the Masters of Time Series. Characters are introduced and animated throughout the series with the Rose Trilogy becoming a focus on one family.

Cover Art:*
Hunk torso shots, attractive but trendy
Consistent balanced design with pleasing color palate including black undertones
Author's name overpowers the book title
Reading order unclear, perhaps rectified in next printing
Skyscapes suggest more modern day action than presented
No suggestion of time travel, maybe with the scratchy lines in the Masters of Time banner

Paranormality: Time travel, Gods, Demons, Extrasensory Perceptions, Psychic Abilities, Spells, Shapeshifting

Sexuality: MF, Out of this world, Magically controlled, Potentially fatal, Low kinkiness, Uberhunks

The world building is slower that I would like, at three books in I still have only the vaguest outline of the modern Center for Demonic Activities (CDA). 1st three books focused on historic Highlands. Looking forward to more modern integration. Would enjoy seeing the CDA & HUC explored more.

Uberhot men fantastically described, created a very steamy image in my head time and time again. Female character development could be pushed a bit further but isn't necessarily lacking, just leaves me wishing for a little more on the details. <--- This comment means good things about this series. It means, as a reader, I have become invested in the fantasy world and want to know more, more, more.

Sparse but well implemented plot twists. Confusing at moments with all the time travel but I think that is part of the author's goal - to keep your mind reeling. The website is helpful to keep from getting so confused that you lose interest in the series. http://mastersoftimebooks.com/

Thanks to Kristine for recommending I read this series. The Masters of Time and the Rose Trilogy are on my radar now, and I will be sure to pick one up off the discount rack if it catches my eye.

* I'm a graphic artist. We are trained to be vicious bloodsucking weapons of truth, hence the "rough" critiques/reviews. It's not that I don't like this novel. Simply, everything can be better. And examining what could be polished allows me to learn and better MY skills.


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