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Sexy was tending to our lush literary needs at Sweet's Titillating Tuesday Contest Bar

when Mistress Sweet innocently contemplated, "He sure is begging for something..."

Photographed by nDVS

With that one thought, our Sexy Bartender was led on a merry adventure by Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy—with Mistress Sweet's permission, of course. Originally broken into four parts and published as a weekly serial, below is the complete short.

I step into the room wearing my mile high stilettos. Black thigh highs caress my calves with a sleek line up the back, leading your eyes to my garter as it peeks out at the top of my thigh.
Crossing the room, I see Sexy sitting on his knees, neck bent back, tie around his neck. It is a invitation of wicked sorts.

Bending straight down, I grab his tie and tell him in a husky voice, "Get up and follow if you dare to surrender to me." There is no mistaking what I want from my voice, or the things my tone promises.

His head snaps up and he dares to make eye contact with me. Mistress Sweet observes from behind the polished bar.

A furtive glance to the right reveals his silent request and with a small nod of her head, Mistress Sweet gives her consent for his pleasure.

He rises to his feet keeping his head bowed as he responds to Cecile in a quiet voice, slightly husky from disuse, "I surrender myself to your pleasure, Ms. Cecile."

I pass a look of wicked delight to Sweet behind the bar with a nod. "I will take good care of him," I whisper over my shoulder in the most wicked of voices.

Turing back to Sexy I murmur, "I am glad to see that you surrender. The things to come will be sheer delight to you. I promise you that." Fingering the loose satin, I add thoughtfully "We will make a better use of this tie though."

I pull him slowly by the tie, making sure his eyes are on all of me as I lead the way. I open the door to a room of rich, dark overtones. Candles are lit highlighting the room with pillows everywhere, blankets here and there.

I lead him to the middle of the room by his tie, his back to the door. I take the tie off—toss it on the bed "for later", and turn to him so he has a full frontal view.
I walk him backwards till he hits the wall.

"You sure you can submit, to me?" my voice drops down to a seductive purr as I trace my fingers up and down his chest, watching goosebumps form on his skin.

He looks down to my toes and slowly, lazily makes his way to my belly... then to my breast... then to my face. He gives me this grin of promises to delight me with. Hoarsely he says, "Yes ma'am, I can submit to you. I said I would surrender to you and I meant it." My eyes greedily take all of him in.

Up against the wall like that, he is a delightful vision of naughty thoughts.
I place one hand on the side of his face and slowly lean into him. Sliding my body up his, as he is a little taller than me, I whisper in his ear. "There is no going back. You understand this?" He nods in agreement with me. I can feel his arousal through his slacks.

"You will have your time to play... but right now you are mine to play with." I walk away. He starts to follow. "Stay," I say without looking over my shoulder. It was an order. "I did not tell you to move," I add seductively.

I turn around to face him."You will do as you're told or you will be punished for it. Do you understand?" he nods again.

"I will reward you when you are good. To show my word..." I start to remove my blouse from my skirt, undoing one button at a time. His eyes widen as he see part of my black lace bra flirting with him. I leave the shirt on, just unbuttoned. "That is for starters, you have to earn more of me."

I walked over to him very slowly in my heels and short skirt. With the heels we are eye level, which means when they come off we will match up perfectly.

I place one hand on his chest and feel the muscles tighten in response to my touch. With his hands tied behind him, he is defenseless—not that he would have done anything without being told to do so. He is such a handsome, well trained sub.

I took the liberty of cupping his face with one hand and allowing my other hand to roam lower. With his face in my hand I slowly place my lips on his and our eyes close at the same time.

My other hand wanders below his belt and cups his growing erection. He lets out a moan in my mouth as we taste each other. Moving my hand to roam over his rear, I clutch tighter and pull him closer to me.

Taking my lips away from his, I look him in the eyes. Lust swirls behind those chocolate depths. "Go to the bed and sit."

He takes a seat on the edge of the bed. I place both hands on his knees and bring my face down to his. As my lips trace his face, I slowly whisper, "You are a delicious treat from Ms. Sweet. I must remember to thank her."

Goosebumps rise on his shoulders where my breath warms his skin. As I lower my lips to his ear a chill rips through his body. Ah, apparently a sensitive spot for his cock responds as well. Through his slacks I can see his hard erection pressing against the fly. His breathing has become ragged, yet he retains his control. The time will come to test that strength of will.

"I want to taste you...," I allow my words to linger, slow and methodical. "All of you before the night is over."

My voice roughens to a seductive purr as I nibble on his ear. Lowering myself down to kneel in front of him, I also lower my mouth to one of his nipples. Licking, biting, blowing... I make them stand at attention for me.

Licking my way down his chest and biting my way down his stomach I demand, "I want to watch you squirm under my touch. I want to hear you beg for mercy." He gives me no response but the slight increase in his heart beat, faster and faster as he visualizes the lengths I will go to get what I want.

I pull myself away... just enough for him to see me wet my lips with the tip of my tongue. I settle back on my heels within the confines of his legs. With a calculated push one shoulder of my blouse slips off, then the other revealing black lace against white.

His low moan encourages me in my taunting as his eyes tract my every move.

"You will watch while I strip in front of you. You will not touch." Testing him.

I rise again, standing directly in front of him. "I will unbind your hands and you will not touch until told." I state softly.

Reaching down to untie him, my breasts are a mere lick away from his wicked mouth. Still testing him.

He fails.

His tongue flicks out and tastes the swell of my breast and my breath hitches at the rebellion.

"I said no touching." I turn my back to him and ignore the seductive shadow of his lashes against his cheeks as he casts his eyes to the floor in immediate submission.

"You shall be reprimanded." I walk away deciding the course of punishment for him while also striving to regain a firm grip on my own control. This one, he will be a challenge to master...

Or maybe it will take two...

"Stand," I bark out the order. My tone is a little harsh, even to my own ears. Not my initial intention, but it will do.

He obeys and lowers his gaze. "Your punishment will be to simply watch while I pleasure myself. No touching, me or you." I watch his cheeks redden in acknowledgement of his guilt.

"Stand facing the foot of the bed. You will not move one muscle." The anticipation of my sexy crawl onto the bed is broken with a knock at the door.

I stalk across the room to the door not bothering to rebutton my blouse. Only one person would dare to interrupt my play time, Mistress Sweet.

"Yes?" I answer, allowing annoyance to color my tone. Was she coming to check on Sexy or me?
With a push, the door swings open and she greats my hostility with a wicked smile. Her hands rest possessively on the shoulders of a pixie. Short blond hair and huge eyes gaze hesitantly at me as Mistress Sweet caresses down the arms of her newest pet. Following the path of her hands something catches my eye. My bag dangles from the pixie's clasped fingers. Forgotten on the bar when my eyes discovered Sexy, now my eyes light up with delight.

Mistress Sweet leans in close to Pixie's ear and whispers. As I watch, shivers of delight race up her spine and Pixie steps forward to say, "I was closing up and I saw your ummm... bag on the counter. Thought I would bring it to you." Perfect, my bag of goodies and perhaps a bit of interest from Pixie as well. How had I missed her at the bar?

Sensing Mistress Sweet's intent, I wrap my fingers around both Pixie's wrist and my purse while tugging her into the room. A pat on Pixie's ass from her Mistress seals the deal and I close the door to a flash of white teeth, bright red lips and a puckered air kiss.

What a lovely gift, both of her cherished pets. She is a true friend indeed, one with many motives. And I suspect her indulgence in me tonight is purely for the benefit of her voyeuristic side. Well, I will put on a show for her in reverence of these beautiful gifts.

Realizing Pixie does not know what she is walking into, I explain in a low drawl, "Sexy here has been a bad boy. He disobeyed orders and therefore he is fixing to be punished."

"Would you care to stay Pixie?" I ask in my most seductive voice. There is no need for pretense here, she knows what I want. It is all a matter of asking. Ask and you shall receive. I see something shimmer in her eyes... what was it? Does she want to submit to me or dominate him?

I decide to push the envelope a little farther, "Would you like to bear witness to his punishment?" His head bows even lower at his position at the end of the bed. My eyes absorb his submissive form.

"Well, I ummm... I don't want to intrude on you two." Her voice sounds wistful. With wicked eyes, I look over to her. "You are not intruding. You have done me a favor, allow me to return the pleasure."

With that said, I walk over to her and place one hand on her cheek and the other around her waist. Her eyes go wild, a match to my pulse. "Do you want to play Pixie?" I ask one last time.

She hesitates for a mere second, looking from Sexy to me, then back again.

"I just want to umm..." She's stuttering. Is she stalling or flustered that someone would want to include her in the power play? Does she not want to play?

"Pixie... tell me... tell me those words you want to release...", I coax her while softly caressing her cheek with my thumb and firming my grip around her waist.

"Smutty, I want to... watch..." she finally got it out. A look of ecstasy and longing flashes across her face and I glance over to Sexy. He is as hard as a rock and I can see his cock standing at attention through his slacks. That is acquiescence enough from him.

I guide Pixie over to the bed and turn her around, back to the sheets. Her eyes widen as the back of her knees hit the edge of the mattress. Is she second guessing her decision to stay?

Our bodies are so close I can feel the heat her nervous pulse is generating. My hand winds around her neck to tangle in the nape of her hair and ease her head gently to the left so I can nuzzle her neck softly. My lips brush her throat.

"You want to watch." I whisper as I began to lower my head down the sweet column of her neck. It is a statement, not a question. Her breath hitches in response. As her temperature spikes I can smell her arousal mixed with a hint of citrus.

I push her down slowly to sit on the bed. My legs slide to straddle over hers. If she reaches out just the barest, she will touch my legs. My blouse still hangs open, inviting her. She looks up at me, not sure what I want. Confidence in my eyes, I gently guide her to lie back on the bed. I push against her side with one knee as she descends down.

"I want you at the top of the bed." I whisper the command in her ear and again lick my way down her throat to her chest. She slowly begins to push herself up the bed and I crawl on top of her, mimicking her movements.

From the foot of the bed, Sexy's labored breathing echos the shuffle of silk against sheets and I smile as the anticipation of sex weighs the air.

Pixie reaches the top and just stares at me. Her slightly labored breathing hints that she might be enjoying this as much as me. I wonder what is going through her mind. Is she was thinking about what is going to happen or if she wants it to happen?

"You want to watch but..." I speak softly over her breast, looking up at her under my lashes, "I want to play. Will you let me play? Will you allow me to play—with you?"

Pixie's slightly labored breathing hints that she might be enjoying this as much as me. I wonder what is going through her mind. Is she was thinking about what is going to happen or if she wants it to happen?

"All you have to do is lie here and look delicious for me," I whisper over her body as I descended down her belly and over her thighs. "You will get your wish... my Pixie."

Looking over my shoulder at Sexy, I am reminded of where I left off. "Do not think I have forgotten about you, my dear naughty Sexy. Your punishment still stands. You will watch while I pleasure myself."

Giving Pixie a chance to breathe and acclimate herself, I walk over to the night stand where my toy bag is stashed. I can feel both their eyes on me, caressing my bared skin. With a quick dip and flash of my lace panties, I grab the bag and stroll back over to the bed. And them.

"Sexy." With a single word, I demand his full attention and direct Pixie's gaze to him. I endeavor to calm her and stoke her curiosity in tandem. "Do not think I have forgotten about the strip tease."

With that, I walk up behind him and allow our bodies full contact. Heat radiates across our touching skin, on my breasts pressed to his back. I can feel his tight ass against my thighs through my skirt.

I wrap a leg around him and rub myself up and down, up and down. He groan tells me he knows, I am not playing nice. Trailing my nails along his collar, I circling around and sit in front of him on the bed.

"Take my shoes off, " I demand. One foot at time, he removes the stiletto heels. His touch lingers a breath too long but, I allow it. The tiny tendrils of pleasure that shoot from insole to heel negate any possible repercussions for his brashness.

Pushing myself away from him, I wiggle out of my black lace boyshorts. His eyes grow wide as he realizes I am bearing myself for him. To torture him. His cock jumps in his slacks, tight from his kneeling stance. I am enjoying myself and the attention of two beautiful pets. Mustn't forget, Mistress Sweet is watching. A wicked smile spread across my lips at the thought as heat races across my bared flesh.

Grabbing my bag, I pull out one of my favorite toys... a pink vibrator. I lean back and let my knees fall open in front of him. Reclining on the bed in just my black lace bra, skirt and thigh highs I feel like a complete minx.

High on my intoxication of him, I turned to face Pixie at my side and whisper, "Are you ready?" Her breath hitches at my tone and she curls her body around me, not quite touching but close enough to sense.

The intensity of observation by three, anticipation of lust, sets me on the path of self indulgence. With my vibrator in hand, I make my way to the ache demanding my attention. My pussy. I focus on Sexy at my feet as I please myself toward an orgasm. He groans at the play of my own hands on my body, and suddenly its there. I feel the rush from my toes to my head. I wiggle and moan until my body calms down and twin gasps recede to an echo.

Looking at Sexy, I notice his slacks are slightly wet where the head of his cock is still straining for release. I roll my head to the side to see Pixie licking her lips and as flush red as an juicy apple. Ah yes, the memory of their twin gasps still echo in my head.

I turn my attention back to Sexy. "Now, it is your turn to come lay down my naughty Sexy," my voice is not quite my own after that orgasm. But I am determined to stay in the game.

"You accepted your discipline very well. You did not touch and you did not come. Your obedience will now be rewarded." My face was stern but my tone warm as I instructed my borrowed pet.

As he lies down on the bed beside me, I turn to Pixie. If that little show has her all worked up, I wonder what else will make her pant for me. Straddling her, I crawl my way up her body—like a panther stalking its prey.

Her eyes resemble that of prey, bright with arousal and a touch of fear. Her heart is pumping adrenaline through her veins and a light sheen of sweat has formed above her lip. I lean my face close to hers. Our lips almost touching, I gently whisper "Do not take your eyes off me."

She opens her mouth to respond but I halt her with my lips. The kiss is soft and pliant. Never having kissed another woman before, I was unsure what it would feel like. But this, this is sexy as hell! Soft and exploring, with less of an edge compared to when I dominate the men in my bed. Utter submission. Another rush of excitement washes though me.

Before my mind engages to analyze what exactly I am discovering from that kiss, I turn back to Sexy. Pixie pants behind me and a tentative hand grazes my back. I crouch over Sexy to lie down with him in anticipation of his reward but find myself angling just enough to allow the curious touch of Pixie along my side.

With my head against Sexy's chest and my hand covering Pixie's at my waist, my gaze dances to the mirror above our heads. We are splayed out in a luscious tangle of silk and skin, an invitation or perhaps a gift. With a smile and a wink, I nod my head to the voyeur behind the glass and indulge my night of sensual exploration with the pets of Mistress Sweet.

~ Courtesy of Ms. Cecile Smutty Hussy ~

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Thank you for indulging me here Sweet!!!! Love ya honey!

Phew! Ms Cecile wasn't wrong, this is pretty damn hot.

Thinks: 'I'd better sidle out of here with a paper bag over my head.'

Mr. V, you do not need a paper bad over your head. Unless of course if you have something to hide from **eyebrows go up in question**

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