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BLURB: It’s a typical day at work for Anita Blake, if your day job is raising the dead, and being a U. S. Marshal for the preternatural branch. One phone call changed everything. It was from the mother of one of her live-in boyfriends. Micah Callahan’s father was in the hospital and he was dying. Micah had been estranged from his family for years, but now, his mother wants Anita to bring the prodigal son home for a last good-bye.

Anita thinks it’s going to be a tearful trip down memory lane, until she learns that Sheriff Callahan was attacked on the job by a zombie. The bite is rotting him from the inside out, as if it’s turning him into a zombie while he’s still alive, but Anita knows zombies and they aren’t contagious. But something is killing Micah’s father, and he’s not the only victim. And there are the missing persons, far too many to explain away. While Micah deals with his family, Anita is pulled into a case so terrible she has to call for back up from friends and lovers that are no more human than the some of the monsters they’re hunting, and even that isn’t enough. Edward, Death himself, comes with badge and flamethrower to watch over his friend, Anita Blake, while she fights for her life and the lives of those she loves.

Normality: Family crisis, Police, Relationships, Politics

Paranormality: Zombies, Vampires, Weres

Violence: Graphic Gore, Guns, Fire

Sexuality: MF, MFM, MM kissing
*A personal preface: I'm an Anita Blake junkie. I've reread her series twice now and am planning on make a third round.  

Initially, I was driven by my love of the characters. Then, I just felt a need to refresh the complicated mess of plot lines. Now, I kind just want to see what I've been missing - chart and graph style. That's right. I'm gonna tear this series apart.  

There are holes, lots of them. Kinda like real life, but I so don't like being left hanging. For years. 

This newest installment is pretty trendy with a heavy focus on zombies. For those of you not familiar with Anita, she's always played with zombies. That's her natural born talent. Luckily, zombies are hot right now.

Unfortunately, the cover is in synch with the rest of the latest redesign on her series and does nothing to draw in those new trendy readers. No gory blood, or rotting zombies chasing beautiful pulpy girls.

* Even though it has been well over a year since I've picked up Anita Blake and her paranormal harem, I was immediately weighted down by the glaring formula and repetitive backstory.

Hamilton has gotten a little better with her backstory, not quite smashing loyal readers over the head with it and integrating it into the current story more smoothly than in the past.

* But the formulaic writing, ugg! You gotta have a plan. I totally understand that. But why can I see it? Perhaps, I'm not being drawn in by the little details. I've already heard them over and over again. They are part of the Anita-verse in my head.

* And it's not just the backstory that's reptative. It's Anita! The same issues come up over and over again that have been solved over and over again. *sigh*

I know this sounds like a rant, but only partially. I love Anita and the gang. And this round gets extremely gory and mushy. A large number of our key players are in action along with a few newbies that I have a feeling are going to be staying around.

* But even with all the backstory, I was a little lost. If you are fan of the series, I advise re-reading Kiss the Dead first to give yourself a catch up on the inter-relationship stuff. It moves so fast!

Go out and buy this hardcover, read it, and pass it on to your girl and guy friends. I know I am!

* These comments are reflective of the series as a whole and not necessarily a heavy weight on this book as a stand alone, which it does very well.


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