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Blood Run Cold

by Aleksandr Voinov and Raev Gray

624 Page PDF, May 2010

Lucian Dalca, an ancient vampire, takes an interest in Frederik Berg, a financial advisor with a shady past. Lucian's son, Emil, joins forces with Frederik's enemies and finds love with both of them. Family tensions come to a head, and soon it becomes clear that not everyone will survive the conflicts. Blood Run Cold is a m/m vampire novel with strong BDSM themes and an m/m/m triad.
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• Reminds me of Bourne Identity or a Gritty James Bond

• Vampire

• M/M
• Rough Sex


• The head hopping drove me crazy in the beginning making the characters fill out in a very fuzzy way.

• These men are bad, very bad. I don't think I have come across protagonist quite this bad ever without some sort of redeeming character trait. The darkness is just plain wonderful. An indulgence of our inner predator.

• Didn't manage to hold my attention... I intend to pick it back up, but as of yet I have not finished it.

• Amara raves about these authors, had to try them.


Must read this!!

Head hopping drives me nuts...

Sure is quiet around here lately.

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