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Faery Land Kink, Bloody and Sexy.

Meredith Gentry Series

A Kiss of Shadows
A Caress of Twilight
Seduced by Moonlight
A Stroke of Midnight
Mistral's Kiss
A Lick of Frost
Swallowing Darkness
Divine Misdemeanors

by Laurell K. Hamilton

Mass Market Paperbacks, Released 2000-2009

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Ok, so I flew through this series.
Hence the longer reviews at the first and last books.
Really, they read as one large book with barely a few hours between them.
There is plenty of story left to tell and it looks like a new story is on the way.


Meredith Gentry, Princess of the high court of Faerie, is posing as a human in Los Angeles, living as a P.I. specializing in supernatural crime. But now the Queen’s assassin has been dispatched to fetch her back–whether she likes it or not. Excerpt

• Coming from the Anita Blake series to this one, I see Anita in Merry. It is as if they began as one character and then split into two worlds. There are so many echoes that I keep expecting to see Anita Blake characters pop up in cameos here and there.

• Tentacle sex, doesn't sound like that much fun.. but man oh man did I want to see that culminate. The descriptions of some of the fine tentacles as sexual organs, very enticing and sent my mind spinning ahead to all the possibilities.

While she enjoys the greatest pleasures of her life attempting to conceive a baby with the warriors of her royal guard, she must fend off an ancient evil that could destroy the very fabric of reality. Excerpt

• In a race for the throne, no risk is too great and Merry discovers more value than she expected in those around her.

Even though I spend each night with the Queen’s Ravens, my immortal guards, no child has come of our decadent pleasures. But something else is happening. My magic courses through me uncontrollably. Excerpt

• Merry is very (merry) in a bed full of magical hunks giving birth to more power if not a child.

Enemies unforeseen move against us–enemies who would murder the least among us. The threat will drive us to allow human police into faerie for the first time in our history. Excerpt

• A stormy lover, a potential king, hardened emotions break open as nothing becomes sacred.

Now Mistral, Queen Andais’s new captain of the guard, has come to my bed–defying her and risking her terrible wrath in doing so. But even she will hesitate to punish him in jealous rage, because our joining has reawakened old magic, mystical power so ancient that no one stands against it and survives. Excerpt

• Merry is stuck in faery with wild magic constantly at her shoulder, surrounding her and giving her power but seeming to take so much away.

For despite all Merry's carnal efforts, she remains childless, while the machinations of the sinister, sadistic Queen and her confederates remain tireless. And King Taranis just might have intentions towards Merry more terrifying than death. Excerpt

• The miracle of creation and destruction ride on the lies of a king and the blessing of more.

Merry is pregnant with twins and to protect what is hers, she will sacrifice anything–even if it means waging a battle against her darkest enemies and making the most momentous decision ever made as princess of faerie. Excerpt

• Crowns come and go and love conquers all in this "happy for now" psuedo-ending.


Attempting to leave the blood and politics behind in her own turbulent realm, Merry dreamed of an idyllic life in sunny L.A. But evil knows no borders, and nobody lives forever—even if they’re magical. Excerpt

• Does not follow directly after the ending of Swallowing Darkness as the rest of the series. More like a day in the life kind of thing where Merry is struggling with being in exile and still acting like a queen to her people, even if she is no longer crowned.

• The personalities of the characters feels stilted at the beginning. Not quite ringing true. Specifically Darkness (Doyle) and Barinthus.

• The sex is amazingly redundant. Always painting her passion with her nails and feeling a building warmth push her over the edge.


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Doesn't one of the books just cover a couple hours, 95% of which are spent sexin'? *rolls eyes*

I think I read the first 4 or 5 a few years ago. Lots and lots of sex. She's the m/f genre's Sean M. :)

Chris - They kinda blended together but I wouldn't be surprised if one was just a good old orgy romp in the hay. Probably the orgy she got pregnant from... Minstral's Kiss?

Lily - Nice comparison, though it got a bit tiresome at the end.

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