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Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme
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• Open your current read to a random page
• Share two “teaser” sentences sans spoilers


"My dear lady Pepper, you cannot mean to tell me that you wish to associate with the sort of jousters who show the cowardice displayed by this team?"

"These people are my friends," I said evenly. "I'll thank you not to call them cowards."

~ pg. 173 Hard Day's Knight by Katie MacAlister

Are you feeling teased?

Come back on the 10th for my Review!


Hmm. I think I read this one. Or maybe another book by the same author with a punny name...

I love romances that make me laugh. Great fun Teaser.


hahah that's a great teaser!! Happy Teaser Tuesday!!

I haven't read this one but the one's I've read by this author were nice with lots of humor.

Mine is here.


Great teaser!

Here is my TT

Great teaser! Sounds fun.

Hey hey... I'm actually reading this week. yaaay I have a teaser. =)

"Nicky bit down hard on the leather gag between his teeth and let the muscles in his calves relax ("let" being perhaps too strong a word; he was in control of nothing here, not even himself, and certainly not the burning muscles in his legs). The rope tied above his elbows took his weight."

Sublime: Collected Shorts by Rachel Haimowitz

Hope you're having a good day dear. =)

Looks good, love the cover and title!


oops, posted the wrong link.. LOL
twice today I've done that....


Katie MacAlister rocks. I have all of her books. I hope you are enjoying your book. Here is my Teaser for Tuesday.


You are such a tease!
Hugs honey!

Cute teaser... need to pick up a few of her books!

Dottie :)

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