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Yesterday's Indiscretion
by Harris Channing
239 Page Ebook PDF

Be very careful what you wish for...

Thirty-something kindergarten teacher Lindy Whittaker has decided it’s time to marry and start a family. Steven Hamilton, a successful businessman, seems to be "Mr. Right."

But when Michael "Mac" MacIntyre, her former lover, who happens to be ten years her junior, comes to town, will he ruin all of Lindy’s well-laid plans? Will she find love in stability or in passion? And will the choice she makes lead her into blissful happiness or terrifying danger?
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by Jinger Heaston

• Too much fade. Generic. And why does the farm house look like the White House or Lincoln Memorial from a distance?
• Typography is bland, distorted and unimaginative. Siren Publishing needed to push this designer a little more to clean up the presentation and add a touch of story-specific bling.


• Tennessee
• Teachers
• Real Estate Agent


• M/F
• Anonymous weeklong vacation affair (I want one!)
• Bad sex
• Rough sex
• Sweet foreplay
• Attempted rape, detailed and descriptive


• The first two scenes sucked me in: Seeing an previously abandoned lover return to you is bittersweet temptation. And dealing with horrible first-time-with-you sex is unfortunately familiar to me too.

• Ms. Channing does a great job of relaying the thoughts that stream through your mind as you are in bed with what you THOUGHT you wanted and are trying to decide just how bad it really is. (That's why the first time never counts. You've got to play at least twice to get a good idea if you're compatible in bed ;)

• Once the domestic violence was foreshadowed, I didn't want to read any more.

• Random adjectives.

• Jarring sexual language not in keeping with the tone of the scenes, almost like a sexual thesaurus was whipped out during editing.

• Hard to empathize with Lindy. She is very whishy-washy in her head and sending mixed signals to Mac.

• How does Steven go from being perfect to a monster in one paragraph? Missing the connect-the-dots thought process.

• Ok. The attempted rape scene is harsh. And I especially hate that Lindy "breaks". Then afterward she is kissing her savior with passion and has her attitude back. I struggled through to this scene, but after the trauma of it and the unbelievability of the characters, I gave up with over a hundred pages left to go.

• This story ended up being too real for me. I can tolerate domestic abuse in paranormal romance because there is usually a super healing ability involved or rage triggered magic for defense. This was just the hopelessness of real life.

• I will totally admit that if I had powered through there was most likely a happy ending coming, but it just turned out to be something I do not want to read for pleasure.

"She was like an orgasmic Pillsbury dough girl." pg. 79

Read a Tuesday Teaser with foreshadowing HERE.

Read an excerpt with a little bit of playing hard to get HERE.

I received this book, in exchange for an honest review, from the author.
Thank you, Ms. Channing.

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I have this one to read... and review.
**hummm... I will keep this bookmarked**

Hugs to honey!

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