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The highly anticipated 5th and final book in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series, was released yesterday.

This is one bandwagon I happily hoped on via audiobook when Ms. Moning released her first book, Darkfever, free as a podcast.

I have been following Mac and Barrons ever since and was very excited to finally get my hands on the grand finale!

Going to the bookstore is a treat for me, an indulgence.
And since I had some public speaking to do yesterday morning,
I figured I would reward myself with a brand new hardcover edition of Shadowfever.

Upon my arrival at the Vast Store of Literature and Fluff,
I was please to find Shadowfever displayed in a place of honor at the front of the store.

I was displeased to find Ms. Moning's previous 4 books missing from the fantasy section.

And even more displeased to find only 2 paperback copies of Darkfever
housed in the romance section next to her Highlander series.

I promptly moved Darkfever into its proper location in fantasy (this is not a romance people!)
and proceeded to leave the store empty handed.


No way was I going to pay $27 for the hardcover Shadowfever
if I couldn't have the rest of the series in print too.

Am I just a picky old b*tch or do I have something substantial to be pissy about here?


Do you want the other four in hardcover, too, or are you ok with just having them all in print, not needing them in the same print format? (Just curious.)

Large chain bookstore? Can't say that I'm surprised. :)

I would love them all in hardcover - soooo pretty! Same format (no matter which one) would make my OCD so happy.

Hmmm. Well, if I read the others I likely wouldn't leave without the last one, however if I intended to read the whole series in one fell swoop then I would go to a store where I could get them all together. But then I wouldn't be bothered to move the other books as now they'll NEVER find them. LOL

Tam - I was totally just giving into my inner b*tch with the re-shelving of Darkfever.

I understand that stores only have room for so many books, but it always annoys me when they only have the newest in a series.

Before I started reading ebooks I'd been ordering all my books thru Amazon. I used to go to the big bookstores but it was always a hassle. Either they didn't have what I wanted, or had some but not all in a series and it was often hard to just find anything.

Amazon to me was great. No driving, no tax, no delivery fee and always an easy shopping experience.

LOL I know it's probably not PC to say that but it worked well for me. I used to love getting those Amazon smiley boxes. :)

I would totally to the same thing, and have walked out before empty handed for the same reasons.

Does that make you a picky old b*tch? I don't think so, but then, they call me QueenB out here in the real world, and it isn't because I make honey, so... what do I know. ;)

Carol - I get the logic too... but I still hold my breath sometimes.

Lily - Amazon is my not-s0-secret dealer for smut in series, true.

Amara - My nick is Ice Princess. Whataya think a that?

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