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Welcome to Saturday Serials
Part II of
Mistress Voyeur
The third scene in our original Passing Zephyr series:
Miss Cecile's Story was the beginning, followed by the Sexy Bartender's Version

Miss Sweet continues to torture herself with observation as Miss Cecile plays with two of her dear toys, Sexy the bartender and Pixie the noobie. Part I was last Saturday. Today will wrap up this short with Part II.

Just yesterday, Sexy the bartender requested that she arrange for him some alternative playtime. His seductive begging was still ringing in her ears when she noticed Cecile's display of interest today. Her friend's obvious lust for the bartender presented Mistress Sweet with a golden opportunity. Here was a chance to test; the bartender's strength of submission, and her own ability to provide for him as his Mistress.

She must always anticipate the needs of her pets.

They depend on her for pleasure, discipline, and guidance. She is their provider and protector. To be any less is selfish and irresponsible, a lie to the family they have created.

That mantra makes it extremely difficult for her to give up control.

Her bartender deserved the fulfillment of his request. He had, very adorably, requested permission to seek out butterflies again. A new experience, a new mistress to obey with that extra zing of not being able to anticipate her every whim.

He had been with her long enough, that all she had to do was look at him and he obeyed. A satisfying experience for them both, but not thrilling. She mourned the loss of the giddy anxiety of a new tryst, but in its place she savored the solid strength of trust and caring.

Pixie was still firmly in the butterfly stage. Very new to the family, she was brought in by Murderer.

She is also the reason Tetris music created a cacophony with the moans of desire. Mistress Sweet's control is not so easily made slack in the leash. Without Tetris she would be clawing at the monitor and lunging down the stairs at any demand Cecile required of Pixie that Mistress Sweet did not agree with.

But as a Mistress, she was soft with Pixie. And Pixie needed a bit more of a push to come into her place here with the rest of the pets. Pixie needed to trust Mistress Sweet and her decisions, ALL of them. And Mistress Cecile is a close friend that will treat Pixie well, no matter what her fears. She will push but not break.

Triple moans bring her gaze back to the screens.

Ahh, the bartender has taken his punishment well and will now be rewarded. Three bodies arch and curl on the bed, all hands exploring and persuing pleasure.

It looks as if the games are over for now. Until her bartender decides he wants on top. Would Mistress Cecile allow herself to be switched?

Soft kisses tickle her inner thigh as she glides her fingers through velvet locks of gold. Strong hands massage her nape, easing down her neck and chest. Ahhh, the comforts of home.

Next Saturday will start a new adventure. See you then!


Sweet... I love the stories! love Love LOVE!

Well done. * applause, and whistles* Well done indeed!

Very well..... Very well.... Mistress Sweet, we play so well together!!!! Hugs to you honey!

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