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It all began months ago when I bought this Details magazine because the man on the cover was beautiful.
The photo shoot inside was tongue-in-cheek and reminiscent of James Dean.
Amazingly, it was Adam Lambert. He was on my radar now.

Weeks ago the It's Gets Better fire started and I watched Mr. Lambert's video.
I was stunned by his attitude. Down to earth and humble were not words I expected to attribute to this recently anointed pop star.

Recently, with some gentle prodding, my husband admitted he enjoys Lambert's song If I Had You. (The video kinda reminds me of Thriller, kinda.)

Hubby's birthday was last week and I bought it for him. Along with all the other songs on the album For Your Entertainment.

I've never really listened to Mr. Lambert's music before, other than his singles on the radio.

He has a sound I didn't expect, but certainly enjoy.

I was expecting pop techno.

What I got is a mix (The following dissection of sound is based on my limited musical repertoire of favorites):

• Serious Muse influence (orchestral techno rock) - Uprising by Muse

• A little classic James Bond Movie Credits - I hear a similar melodic flow as For Your Eyes Only in the middle of Soaked by Lambert

• And do I hear little bit of classic musicals in there too? Jesus Christ Super Star "esque" especially in Music Again (about 30 seconds in we get a chord change) and the ending to Soaked (around 3:45min) I can just see Jesus kneeling on stage with a spot light. (Ok, so I saw the musical at least 3x in highschool. Don't judge. I was 15.)

Aftermath feels like his ode to the 90s

• The melodic screaming reminds me of someone else as well, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

My goodness. I could go on and on. The longer I listen the more I hear.  But I will stop now :)

This album has a nice range of styles all varnished to a shine with his personal sound. He has a beautiful voice when he showcases his range and the quality of tone is oh so smooth and sexy. Thanks, Adam. You are thoroughly enjoyable to the eyes and the ears.

My favorite song from the album is Strut: Here's a live vid of him singing it.
His dance moves are oh so metrosexual and his impish grin gets me every time :)


His It Gets Better video took me by surprise. :)

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