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It's Contemporary Romance week at SVZ!

"Bland and mushy sweetness."

These phrases used to be uttered by my lips, but NO MORE!

I used to think Contemporary Romance was for the sweet at heart.
The safe vanilla fiction for those girls with sparkly pink lip gloss and pedicures to match.

Color me surprised to find a few of my favored reads taking place in the plain ol' normal world.
No super powers or vampires.
No aliens or space ships.
Just normal.

Don't believe me? Try them for yourself!

I fully expected this to be just another smuttfest to satisfy my literary menage lust. WRONG! Amazing phrasing and unique insight into multiple relationships makes this peek inside the college dorm room more than a fling.

Emotionally intense moving on to deliciously smutty, menage again.

Starts light and morphs into a menage heartbreaker that I keep coming back to.

Hot. Dirty. Powerful. A favorite author of mine and luscious in audiobook format.
(Not menage. Ha! You thought there was a secret pattern. Maybe just a tendency. *wink*)

Happy Reading!


I went from reading mysteries/crime fiction for 15 years to Paranormal Romance. I got tired of the mysteries. So I got into werewolves and vamps and all sorts of critters including kick-ass girls who killed bad guys.

Then I discovered m/m and hmmm, you know, I actually like stories that are just two guys in a normal world with no paranormals in sight. :-) I never would have suspected that when I started reading. It's a pleasant surprise. Of course I still love paranormal boys but I think I probably had a similar sentiment as you towards contemporary romance. Maybe from the days in my youth of either spicy historical bodice rippers or my aunts staid sweet contemporary Harlequin Romances. There didn't seem to be a middle ground. I'm thankful that there is now. :-)

Wow, Tam. I love hearing about people's transitions in reading! :D

I started out with historical bodice rippers but didn't read anything (for pleasure) during my college years.

Twilight started the ball rolling again with paranormal romance and this blog was born.

I made some friends on here and now I am waist deep in m/m romance!

m/m is like crack. It starts out with just a taste and next thing you know you're neglecting your children and spouse in favour of fisting and BDSM. Who'd have thunk it. :-)

I read bodice rippers in my youth, then got into the mysteries.

The m/m koolaid, it is so tasty. :)

I love me some crack and koolaid!!

Hmmm, does that sound a bit off? Oh well... I started on Harlequins, then historical bodice rippers, then horror/paranormals, back to historicals, contemporaries, vamp/shifters and then finally I arrived in M/M land. LOVE IT! ;)

LOL - Looks like we gots lots of love for the manlovin' here! I have to admit, when I first contemplated it... I thought it would turn me off. WOW was I wrong. *wink*

I am still loving the koolaid tag!!!!

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