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What do you do
When you find yourself home alone
Suddenly abandoned due to an asshat boss that is holding your significant other hostage?

And, you have 2 hours until you are scheduled to arrive at your mother's house for your birthday dinner,
apparently alone.


Cuddle up with your favorite bartender? Exotic, erotic, bejeweled
Arish Lam is mine.

Watch videos of sexy male belly dancers? (They are amazingly hard to find, the sexy ones at least.)

Yes, this path is leading us down a TMI bunny trail.
Turn back now if you can't handle the truth of what artists do in their free time.

I became dumbstruck by inspiration.
In the past, I took one class of belly dancing.
I just might have skills!

How do I gauge those skills?
Golfers video tape their swing.
I shall record MY swing!

But, it would be silly to dance NAKED in front of the webcam
(even though it would showcase my belly.)

So, I made myself my own personal costume.
With a veil.

Which resulted in a belly dancing ninja.
No, I will not show you the pictures. I want to stay however I am in your imagination. Reality does not need to intrude.

And no, I don't have skills. Dammit. *footstomp*


sexy male belly dancers! they exsist? *runs off to google*

lol, love it! Belly dancing ninja!

I have no dancing talent, I think I dance like Shakira, but in fact I dance like, well, it's just not pretty lol

Some girls at my daughter's high school did belly dancing for the multi-cultural show. (She has a huge amount of Arab students in her school.) Holy crap. Those girls were amazing, sexy and yeah, okay. LOL

Would love to see the ninja dancer.

I think one of my new goals is to go to a restaurant that has belly dancing entertainment.

I had a coworker who took belly dancing lessons. She has as much rhythm as I do. It was not pretty.

Eyre! She doesn't surf the blogs, does she? You might get in trouble. *wink*

LOL! She'll never find out about my comment. I keep real life and online life very, very separate.

Eyre, you are a very smart lady. :D

Ohhhh my sweet to you are too much!!! Those are the reasons I sooo adore you!!

I vote for seeing the ninja dancer, myself! That presents such an interesting character pic, SVZ, thanks. :)

Ha! Not enough peer pressure yet to get me to expose my belly to you guys. ;)

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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