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Magnificent Monday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar

Tobias is our sexy bartender today. Umm... HELL YA!
Discovered at Homotography.

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Tobias, honey... bring me something hot and dark. *growllllll*

Whoa, does his hair have volume or what?!

Don't you just wanna run your fingers through it?!

*pads over barefoot to Sweet's side*

I've got something hot and strong for you....

*places a steaming mug of black coffee in front of her, brushing against her with his reach*


I could certainly use a little, possibly a lot, of what he's offering. :)

*strong hands glide along LILY's collar bones as Tobias rubs her shoulders gently and asks...*

What'll it be darling? *wink*

OH damn... I am for sure I can use whatever Tobias has to offer... Whatever it might be!

And that was my first thought when I got around to looking at his hair.. My fingers itch to grab and pull and........

Cecile, you like... strong, dark and hot? 'cause that's what I got!

*smirk* lol... that rhymed!

Ohhh. I think I need some attention after my dentist appointment. He can make me feel better. :-) I'm sure he'll find a way.

Tam, I'm penciling you into his schedule. "Special attention for Tam, after dentist"

I HATE the dentist... he will make you feel ohhh so much better. Right Tobias?

*slow grin spreads across that handsome face*

I will make Miss Tam think about things much lower than her mouth... no, not even think... she will only feel the pleasure

Oh honey, Strong, dark and hot are my specialty... And I see you are talented with your tongue... Withe the rhyming...

Cecile, my lovely. You will see nothing with my tongue, only feel...

**takes his hand and looks back to the bar with a wicked look in her eye** I will follow you my love... wherever you want to take me....

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