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Fantasy Friday at Sweet's Reading and Contest Bar
Join me in the comments and order a drink from the bar.

Our bartenders today are the mysterious couple embracing below.
If I Was Your Vampire by Joana Dias

Her hair is so striking, and the details in his hand... amazing.

The Contest sideBar is updated week-daily. Today's additions include:

Gaymes Anthology
4/30 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at My Turn To Write

4/26 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Suburban Vampire

4/26 Drop Dead Line - Complete form to enter at Book Bound

5/4 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Smutketeers

4/29 Drop Dead Line - Comment to enter at Stumbling Over Chaos


Good Luck!

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*chugging my coffee*

I just started Wicked Gentlemen and wow, is that some awesome language! So descriptive.... I think I am going to like this one.

Thanks for the mention. Hmm. I do have Wicked Gentleman on my ereader.....

No problem! And when I say "just started" I mean two pages in.... LOL

I'm reading a couple of Sean Michael shorts set in the Hammer world. Pure sex though.

I've got Wicked Gentlemen in my TBR. Sounds like I should move it up.

I grabbed the first paragraph from the excerpt available on the publisher's site for Wicked Gentlemen so you can see what I mean.

"The night hung in tatters. Gas streetlamps chewed at the darkness. Candles cast dull halos through the dirty windows of the tenements across the street. Heavy purple clouds pumped up from smoke stacks and patterned the sky like ugly patches on a black velvet curtain. A few fireflies blinked from what corners of blackness remained."

Pure sex is great in short story form!

definitely have to read this one.

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