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I was just over at Large Hearted Boy's blog entering his Beat the Reaper Contest (See Contest Bar) and he got me thinking....

About movies.

I love movies. I get lost in movies. For about 120 minutes I am in another world riding a wave of sensations that I have no control over. Kinda like reading a great book. The fantasy becomes your reality for the time your nose is between those pages.

My husband has a distinct dislike for movies. He says they always disappoint him in the end. He expects too much. I just see that as evidence that he gets sucked into the fantasy world as much as I do to have such a strong emotional reaction to characters making stupid decisions and causing the world to explode etc, etc!

So here is my ToBeWatched list!

Xmen Origins - Wolverine (Too many hot bodies to resist)

2012, Coming Soon

Growl, Coming Not So Soon

New Moon, Coming Soon (Addiction)

Transformers (Childhood memories)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (I've seen all the rest of them, might as well see this one too)

Wanted (I have this embarrassing fascination with Angelina Jolie)

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Role Models (Supposed to be funny, we'll see)


I am fascinated with Angelina Jolie also. TMI I told my boyfriend if he ever got a yes for a threesome it was because she was the other, lol, (blush blush)

MarceJ - I totally hear you on that sweetheart... ahh the stuff of fantasies :)

Nice list! I'm waiting for New Moon too, my 8-year-old keeps asking how many more days.

I'm embarassed to say I liked Role Models. I laughed out loud so many times. I guess I've got a juvenile sense of humor.

Patti - I got totally hooked on the Twilight series through my friend The 7th Grade English Teacher. She raved about them last October and before I know it I am out at midnight to see the Twilight movie premier!

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