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My husband likes to listen to Howard Stern - I have never been a big fan. BUT a clip on today's show got me thinking. 

A husband was having an affair with a younger woman. The younger woman figured out it was coming to an end and wrote the wife a letter explaining that she didn't want to hide her love any more and offering to meet the wife to tell her anything she wanted to know.

What would your reaction be as the wife?

After a few moments, my answer came clear and steady:

Tie up the husband in the bedroom with a video link to the kitchen. Accept the younger woman's invitation to meet and let him watch as things unfold, helpless to affect any outcome - whether a cat fight ensues or psycho-manipulation on the wife's part causes the younger woman to hate his guts.

LOL - What do you think?


Wow... okay. My reaction to her wanting to meet. Okay, fine, let's meet. Tell me your story hussy woman. Record it all on tape and ask the key questions needed for court. Go home, pack hubbys crap, put his bags outside and hand him my lawyer's number and the numbers to the nearest hotels for him to stay at and shut the door in his face.

Now.. for what I would really do, just plan old divorce him. Bye Bye...

Cecile - I agree with you in the end, divorce is the only option.

Good point about getting information for court too.

Not so sure I would be nice enough to pack his stuff - maybe throw it out the door, even better if it is raining or snowing.

LOL!!! Yea, divorce is the only ending for that situation. Girl, I learned a few things from CSI, just joking!! LOL!!! But it is true... always get the information. And if it is freely given... Well...

But I did not say how I would pack it. I would invite you over with a bottle of wine and we can do throw the crap out... Don't need rain. Get your garden hose and wet the stuff ourselves!!! LMAO!

Cecile - I'm pretty sure I absolutely love the way you think... the only thing better about dousing your cheating husbands crap is doing it with your girlfriend!!

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