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It's time for me to think about costumes!

<---- And my favorite contemporary artist, Dan McCarthy!

I love a good reason to dress up, and what better excuse than Halloween?
*Well I guess there is Mardi Gras - Renaissance Festival - Christmas - New Years...*
I also love to torture myself by trying to make the costumes personally - just never seems to turn out how I imagine.
"But this time, this time will be different!"
My Handsome Husband has decided he wants to be a Cowboy Sheriff. Visions of pleather chaps are running through my head. Could I secretly costume him as a hot and hunky cowboy hero from one of your favorite cowboy romances???? and live out a little novel re-enactment? Oh, yes - please! *Leave a comment with your fav cowboy character - more reading for me and fodder for my imagination with hubby!*

BUT what shall I be? What novel heroine is worthy of my re-incarnation?

The supplies at my disposal include:
18" clip in real hair extensions
Body Glitter
Sewing machine
Grommetting supplies
Hair dye in unnatural colors
Purchasing power! (shoes, accessories, raw materials)

Some flitting ideas:
Saloon Girl - to compliment the Handsome Husband
Little Red Riding Hood - seems a little wussy for me
Mermaid - too much visible flesh
Vampire - done it too many times
Pink Cowgirl - would match my hair & my husband!

HELP ME! Got any ideas? Outrageous suggestions? Crazy costumes?


Looks like a cool book (and the pooch on the cover is so cute).
Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog :)

Sounds great! I also am a sucker for animals! :))

I like him - cause I love animated movies too!

Snowbell, Tonya & Nita!!!!!

You guys got my hopes up that someone would help me with my Halloween costume!!!!


Thanks for stopping by though!!!


If you want to compliment his costume you could be an outlaw, or just be a cowgirl. I think it would be cute! :D

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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