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Warning: Blatant drooling over uniformed male hotness ahead!
I love men in uniform staring in my dark urban fantasies. Even better if they have a little bit of the bad boy in them...

My husband and I went to the New York State Fair Saturday. We tend to go every other year. It is nice to see the animals and get a chance to people watch.

This year we happened upon the New York State Troopers Exhibition. They were demonstrating rappelling techniques.

Rappelling: the controlled decent down a rope.

Apparently the NYS Troopers have a special team, the Special Operations Response Team, trained in this sort of stuff.

Apparently you have to be smokin' hot to be on this team. Dimples optional.

These guys have obviously done this little rappelling demo numerous times. They had quite the witty banter going back and forth. Sexy & a sense of humor? Take me now.

After forcing my husband to stand in the sweltering sun for the duration of the demonstration, I gathered my courage and asked them to pose for a group picture. Talk about flustered!

The tall one asked if anyone was going to be in the picture with them? "Nope, just you guys."

I took the pic on my cell phone - how lame? Wait, it gets lame-er.
Said, "Beautiful guys." and hurried away in a flustered rush... ...while shutting my phone.

Dum Dum Dum

Do you know what that means? That means I never hit the save button on my phone and do NOT have the photographic evidence of the butterflies that were in my stomach!

OMG. My husband, of course, thinks it is hilarious. I am not quite so entertained. But I do still have a couple of horrible shots of the tower they were jumping off of. The group shot most likely would have been blurry anyway, I was so jittery. Yeah - so no real loss, right? Right. *sigh*

Lucky for YOU I found a the publicity shot above of the same exact team I oggled, so you can enjoy the butterflies too (though they feel much more intense in person.)

Grainy cell phone pictures of the 50 foot tower. Look: the trooper is climbing down the side of the tower up side down. They did the cutest little flips to invert into that position & in synch... now I wonder what else they could do in synch. *wink* Now there is fodder for my imagination while I read my next book... these men will be featuring in my dreams for weeks to come.


Oo very nice lol. :D

Danni - That is about all I could say when I was watching as well!

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