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I moved out of my parent's house 8 years ago, and had to leave my ungainly collection of books behind as well.

This week they have finally made it home!

4 boxes full of books; bodice rippers, historical fiction, fantasy, scifi, drama, & children's books. I'm pretty sure my husband is going to have a cow when he realizes those xerox boxes in the back room are books and we now have an urgent need for bookshelves.

It is going to be a real treat to go through those boxes and see what kind of treasures are to be found!

Speaking of treasures, how about some treasure hunts?!

The Dark Artist Guild is running a treasure hunt until August 7th. If you like dark spooky art this is pure thrill! The prizes are a variety of horror-esque artwork.

12 to Midnight are running a treasure hunt until September 1st to promote the new book Buried Tales of Pinebox: 12 Tales of Modern Horror. The prize is a cd compliation of pdf horror novels along with 3 signed "dead tree" books too!

Happy Hunting Pirates! Arrrggg*

*Do you relate to the Pirate vs. Ninja rivalry? Do you want to? Follow this path, curious grasshopper, and all will be revealed...


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