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Do you enjoy author interviews?

Do pictures of the author enhance your reading experience?
Do you sense any sarcasm in my tone?

In the beginning I would make the blanket statement,
"I don't care what the author thinks. I just want to be inside their world!"
Then I did a little research. After reading a couple interviews (on some awesome blogs! See the side bar) I determined the following:
• I enjoy author interviews & pictures if I have not read any of their books.
• I do not appreciate author interviews or pictures if I have already read & enjoyed their books.

Once I have been part of the author's fantasy world, I have recreated the landscape in my head. This includes a vague shadow of the author's personality & appearance. At this point any images or conversation with the author simply chaff against the fantasy world that I have become a part of. And actually causes me to enjoy the books less.

Strange how my mind works, huh? What do you think?

Enough thinking, Let's win some free books!

Cecile over at All I Want And More is celebrating her 101th blog post with a bevy of beautiful books and an interview with Kimber Chin! You have until midnight August 5th to join in the celebration.

Graeme Flory over at Graeme's Fantasy Book Review is giving away signed copies of Jasper Kent's Twleve from Transworld Books. Not quite and interview, but a signature will do! You have until, well... Here is a direct quote, "I'm on holiday for the next week and a bit so that's how long you've got to enter..." I'm going to estimate it as August 4th to be safe.


Ha! I love your take on author interviews! It is very interesting, and I can so understand where you are coming from!

Great blog, BTW! :)

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon. Miranda

PS - Thanks for following too!

Miranda! I never thought of it that way... But I agree with you. I love to find out more about the author... of course not in a stalker way - lol- but i love to find out what are their thoughts... It does make the story more fun and enjoyable. But if the author does not share then "oh well". I have one author I wrote to over6-8 months ago, and she never responsed nor has updated her site. But I really enjoyed her series... but now I am lacking to read anything else, because of her uncommincation skills! Go figure. Awesome post!!!

PS Thanks for the pimpage!!! I greatly appreciate it!!!! It means a lot to me!!!

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Thanks so much for delving into my head. It's scary in here sometimes, so it is nice to have company! Don't step on the zephyr...

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