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Better late then never!

My hubby and best friend (wow. never used that term with her before. I guess it IS true.) and I made gingerbread houses around the holidays. Read: I made gingerbread dough & they made gingerbread THINGS.

Since my house wouldn't even stay up last year, I opted to make snowmen instead. Should be simple enough! LOL

Taylor wanted to make a christmas silo, and hubby didn't want to be out done so he made a mushroom. These people are freakin' crazy!

Turns out we have a lot of practicing to do! Both Taylor's and hubby's structures have glass and metal insides... cheaters! And I couldn't even get my snowmen to stay upright....

Man oh man... at least all the broken pieces taste good!

(*Please no naughty comments about Taylor's silo, she has a very pure mind. Our minds are the ones that are perverted*)

From Curious Kitchen

From Curious Kitchen


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