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Did I warn you that I get a little overwhelmed in the summer time? LOL I can't believe it was March when I last posted. You can be sure that I was baking and creating like crazy, but didn't have the time to document!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It starts out a crazy season full of cozy parties and chilly windows. We had our annual Halloween Bonfire this past weekend and for some crazy reason I decided that I had the time to get creative with the cupcakes. A grocery store magazine cover gave me the extra omph I needed. Tucker loved the little bats and insisted that I make more and more and more! Those things take 5 minutes a piece!

From Halloween

Well, once the creative juices got flowing I was all set. We had pumpkins and eyeballs. Spiders and open graves. Even a flowing fountain of congealed blood (A.K.A. tomato sauce).
From Halloween

I still need to get pictures of our carved pumpkins... here they are!

From Halloween


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