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I know it is a little late for St. Patrick's Day, but I got this idea in my head that I couldn't shake. Why couldn't I make my own slice-n-bake cookies AND have cute designs in the middle like the store bought kinds? I seem to remember a slice-n-bake cookie by Pillsbury that had a shamrock in the center. I must be getting old, because I can not find them any more! Oh well, guess I will have to make my own. :) I started out with the vanilla ice box cookie recipe from Baking Illustrated and went CRAZY with the food coloring.

Then I started rolling out green snakes. After a little bit of finagling I got myself a semi-shamrock cookie.

This is a lot of fun! I went on to do an easter egg and then just went crazy blending the colors with the left over bits of dough. My husband came home in the middle of my baking and wondered if I was cooking Playdoh!

After about an hour of chilling they slice very nicely and can be layed out to bake.

The finished cookies look and TASTE like the Pillsbury cookies I remember. I brought them into work the next day and one of my co-workers didn't believe that I had made them by hand at home. Now that is a good feeling. :)

This is a great recipe for kids or adults that are kids at heart! My husband and I gobbled them up. Enjoy!

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