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My chocolate craving never really goes away - just some days are worse than others. Well, today I was drooling and webcrawling via Google Image Search "how to make chocolate". I came across a great blog for the scientific baker with an AWESOME picture tutorial on how to shape croissants. Second to chocolate, I can't stay away from pastry so... this is just making me slobber all over my keyboard! Take a look for yourself. Thanks Joe!

P.S. I really got sucked in to Joe's Blog. He has a really easy bread recipe listed that just taunts me to try and make bread without the mechanical crutch of my bread maker. And the photo tutorial on petits fours - DUH! I have no idea why it never occurred to me to dip the sides of the cakes instead of wasting all of my precious frosting by dripping it over the top and having it run down the sides!


Thanks so much Sweet Z! I'll be back to read more!

- Joe Pastry

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