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I just borrowed an audiobook from my library. But it's not quite that easy for the first time...

Its an MP3 file through OverDrive.

So I downloaded the OverDrive Android App.

Located my library.

Signed in with my library card.

And downloaded my audio book.

Except it was in 6 parts and blew up my data plan! OOPS, gotta find the wifi download only setting. *cringe*

I've got 7 days to listen to the book. Feels like a tight deadline, and I've already used up a couple of those days figuring out HOW to get the file...

I'll keep you posted.


Go to http://www.houstonawknight.blogspot.com/ You'll be as shocked as I was to see the real ending to the Valance story!



Good Luck on the MP3 book...let us know how it goes.

Big hugs

Did you get that MP3 working yet?



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